Profitable Sunrise: Default Final Judgment Entered


I checked the docket just now and saw this; it’s sort of what I thought would happen. Not sure what it means for the victims of “Roman Novak” or whoever that low life crook actually is.



DEFAULT FINAL JUDGMENT ENTERED against Defendant Inter Reef Ltd. dba Profitable Sunrise and Relief Defendants Melland Company S.R.O., Color Shock S.R.O., Solutions Company S.R.O., and Fortuna-K S.R.O., the Court hereby enters final judgment in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission and against the Defendant and Relief Defendants.

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Defendant is permanently restrained and enjoined from violating, directly or indirectly, Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 [15 U.S.C. § 78j(b)] and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder [17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5], by using any means or instrumentality of interstate commerce, or of the mails, or of any facility of any national securities exchange, in connection with the purchase or sale of any security.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Defendant and Relief Defendants are liable, jointly and severally, for disgorgement of all sums raised in the enterprise described in the Commissions Complaint, including, but not limited to, all amounts transmitted from the United States to accounts outside the United States, including to accounts held in the name of the Relief Defendants wherever those accounts are located, together with prejudgment interest thereon. The Commission may move to amend this Final Judgment within 90 days to more precisely quantify the amount of disgorgement and prejudgment interest and defendant and relief defendants shall satisfy the disgorgement obligation within 14 days after entry this Final Judgment.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that this Court shall retain jurisdiction of this matter for the purposes of enforcing the terms of this Final Judgment. (See judgment for further details) Signed by Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Jr. on 3/16/2016



Here is the Final Judgment Order for those who would like to see the details.

ProSun: “Ponzi” Jo Frazer, David Frazer and Albert Rosebrock Entered into Settlement with Ohio Department of Commerce

Nanci Jo Frazer

As part of this December 2014 settlement, Nancy Jo Frazer (right), David Frazer and Albert Rosebrock have agreed to pay a total of $ 108,146.61 to the Ohio Attorney General. After releasing some of the frozen assets ($ 6,864.17) they will owe $ 101,282,44 which will be paid at $ 844.02 per month for 120 months (10 years).

That’s $281.34 per month for each of them.

Wow, really??  I can only hope these thieving jerks get a criminal charge in the near future. They knew what they were doing all along, and quoting the Bible does not sanitize a scam.

Profitable Sunrise: Why No Updates?

Profitable-Sunrise-Review1I had a reader email me and ask why there has not been any updates in the ProSun case. Well, here’s what the Docket says:

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Inter Reef Ltd. et al
Thomas W. Thrash, Jr, presiding
Date filed: 04/04/2013
Date of last filing: 10/11/2013

So, there you have it, nothing has been added to the Docket since last October. I check the docket weekly and if there are any changes, I will post them.

ASDUpdates Blog Reaches Its 1,111th Post!

I suppose it is a sort of milestone, 1, 111 posts since I started the Blog to detail the events in the ASD/AdSurfDaily  Ponzi scam. Since that time, there seems to be a proliferation of crooks and scams resulting in literal piles of money leaving the victims and ending up in the bank accounts of serial scam artists and promoters.

Until the worldwide public realizes that no legitimate program can pay them an RIO 100’s of time greater than any other method is nothing but a scam, these “opportunities” will continue to pillage the public and separate them from their money.


ProSun Affiliate Settles With Kansas Securities Commission

I have no idea why these documents are just showing up months after they are filed, but here is another Profitable Sunrise related filing in Kansas.  One ProSun affiliate has struck a deal and neither admitted or denied wrongdoing and has settled with Kansas security authorities.

Here is the filing:

602  David P Cozzocrea Settlement with Kansas Securities  Commissioner

Kansas Securities Commissioner Dismisses NJF and FocusUp Ministries

Although this was filed a month ago, it is a recent find. The Kansas Securities Commissioner has dismissed without prejudice the Notice of Intent, Docket Number 13 E 021.  By dismissing “without prejudice”, it means the case can be renewed at a later date.

It doesn’t mean that Nanci Jo Frazer won this battle, not at all.


“Ponzi” Jo Frazer Sends Email To PatrickPretty 5 Times???

As if the world of scams and schemes was not sufficiently strange, we have this occurrence from last evening.  You have to see this email to fully understand the moronic intent and complete lack of understanding of how the internet actually works.  It is impossible to remove every instance of something throughout the entire interweb. A copy will always exist somewhere and in some form.

The email below is signed using the name of Nanci (Ponzi) Jo Frazer; of course, anyone can construct an email and sign it with someone’s name.  And the thing requested are ridiculous, to put it mildly. Pay special note that the author used the phrase ” victim of innocent ignorance”.  Frazer knew exactly what was going on; she had to. (emphasis below added by me)

Dear Patrick;

I am send you this private (not to be published or shared) email to you as a Christian brother, from your Christian sister, in hopes to have your assistance to stop all media coverage concerning our Ministry and our volunteer board members without having to get the authorities involved to get this accomplished.

We understand that you have been trying to find the truth about Profitable Sunrise. The FBI has fully reviewed every document, communication and record we have and has returned everything to us. Our lead investigator stated that it is clear that we were a victim of “innocent ignorance”.

The investigation resulted in no criminal charges being filed. The Federal Government has confirmed we are not being named in this case. Kansas is in the process of dismissing the case and Ohio has stated they do not have enough information to move forward (after losing the majority of the assets at our hearing on August 30th, 2013). We are so thankful that we are finally being vindicated and can speak out soon.

2013 has been a refining year but so many awesome miracles have occurred that I cannot just feel there was no positive purpose. We believed that Profitable Sunrise was the “real deal”. We know that many of you believe that BitCoin is the “real deal” but in Texas, it is now declared a security and to some- part of a Ponzi? We sometimes learn things the hard way.

The FBI is fully aware of all your consistent attempts to keep my name and our FocusUp Ministries Board members, our staff, voluteers and even my husband (who had no connection) tagged to negative , damaging words (such as scam, fraud and Ponzi) along with negative press and stories we are not connected to at all. Thus driving traffic to your website for your own purpose.

Last week through a phone conversation, the Senior investigator from the FBI, instructed me to have my attorney send you a Cease and Desist and demand for immediate removal of your unauthorized usage of materials, videos, audio, all radio & TV media, articles and all types of communication connected to FocusUp Ministries and our Board Members, staff and volunteers: including Nanci Jo Frazer (Nancy Frazer) and Albert Rosebrock, David Steckel (volunteer), Jon Simmons (staff pastor) also my husband David Frazer.

I am requesting that and all associate websites, blogs and media… Cease and Desist immediately from using images, text, tags,YouTubes, Powerpoints, articles, documents and recordings associated in any way with the website, which is containing or referring to Nanci Jo Frazer, Nancy Frazer, David Frazer, Albert Rosebrock, David Steckel, Jon Simmons and FocusUp Ministries and/or any of our associate Ministries, as you are not authorized to use our names or image for any purpose without written permission.

We have spent hundreds of hours of research to help authorities in everyway to fully understand and solve this case. We are almost to the point whereas I can share what I have learned to help avoid this event from happening again. I believe in going to my Christian brother first to resolve an issue. I believe that your heart is in the right place.

We need to see that everything is deleted and completely removed from the Internet by Friday, November 15th, 2013 so we can all move on. I hope you honor this and that we can start over and have this be a much better story for all.

Thanks Patrick!
Nanci Jo Frazer

Despite the few misspelled words, the content is vacuous, superficial and unsubstantiated.  Normally, when a federal Agency finds no misconduct or lack of criminal activity, they issue a Press Release. However, in this case, the author is alluding to this, and that the state of Ohio has also found NJF and her “ministry” blameless, duped, and outwitted.

What does this say about the supposed business acumen of the person claiming to have been so dramatically hoodwinked and who has had such large sums of money flow through her hands? it does not bode well for either Frazer or FocusUp Ministries (FUM).  It saddens me and validates my view that certain “Christians” are anything but a Christian. They talk the talk and yet, they have no problem swindling fellow congregants and their own family and friends.

There is a specific paragraph which really caught my eye:

The FBI is fully aware of all your consistent attempts to keep my name and our FocusUp Ministries Board members, our staff, voluteers and even my husband (who had no connection) tagged to negative , damaging words (such as scam, fraud and Ponzi) along with negative press and stories we are not connected to at all. Thus driving traffic to your website for your own purpose.

It is the Ponzi polemicist at work here, “driving traffic to your website for your own purposes”.  I cannot count the number of times this phrase, or one like it, has been used to cast aspersions against bloggers, reporters and any opponents of people who scam other people. This is merely projecting their own internal lack of morals onto others who do not agree with them. I have been accused of the same thing several times, and it could not be farther from the truth. I have no ads or other such nonsense attached to this blog and I spend my money to gather information from PACER at 10 cents per page.

Yes, I have a donate button on the Blog, but only one person has every used it to donate any amount of money towards my PACER bill; one out of hundreds of people who visit this site weekly.  This sort of destroys that perception made by the polemicists, even if i did drive traffic to my website I get nothing out of it other than the satisfaction of exposing con men, crooks, criminals and their co-conspirators.

“Ponzi” Jo, get used to having your name all over the internet, as it should be.

From – More on “Ponzi” Jo Frazer

NW Ohio charity and solicitors charged in fraud scheme
Posted: 07.09.2013 at 8:56 PM

BRYAN, OHIO — On Tuesday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Commerce announced a joint lawsuit and temporary restraining order against Nancy Jo Frazer, David Frazer, Albert Rosebrock, and their charity, Defining Vision Ministries, formerly known as Focus Up Ministries, Inc., for violations of Ohio’s charitable and securities laws.

WNWO reached out to Nancy Jo Frazer, of Bryan, Ohio, on Tuesday evening about the accusations and Frazer said, in part, “we meant no harm, we were the biggest victims of all.”

State officials, however, say that the Frazer’s and Rosebrock were behind a pyramid scheme called Profitable Sunrise which, authorities allege, was touted as Christian company that used investment proceeds to help charities while also providing investors with large returns.

Nancy Jo Frazer claims that she, her husband and Rosebrock “did not know what was happening”.

In a phone interview with WNWO, Frazer said she did not want to go on camera at this time, the self-proclaimed television spokeswoman said that it all started when she was introduced to a man named “Roman Novack” by phone.  

Frazer says that “Novack” was referred to her as a “reputable collateral lender out of the UK” and says he offered her “free advertising” on his many websites “in exchange for being a group leader for his program” called Profitable Sunrise.

Mrs. Frazer says she never met “Novack”, face to face, but looked him up online and said he “had a good reputation on the internet”.

Frazer says  that after signing on with “Novack” he began using her name and her ministry for other things, without her knowledge.

According to the state’s complaint, however, it was the Frazer’s and Rosebrock who used Focus Up Ministries’ to solicit donations and investments for Profitable Sunrise.

Frazer, however, claims that she is only taking the fall now because “Novack” disappeared when US authorities started sending him cease and desist orders.

“My face was out there,” Frazer says of why she thinks state officials have sought legal action against her and her ministry.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says that Profitable Sunrise “defrauded Ohioans and others out of millions of dollars” but says the [Frazer’s and Rosebrock] promised “outrageous returns and [told] investors that their donations and investments would help charities.”

Frazer says she fully cooperating with state authorities on the case and “wants this resolved…we want to do the right thing”.

“We’ve been so pleased with how [state officials] have treated us..they are just doing their job…We’re hoping we can resolve this to the satisfaction of everyone,” Frazer added.

The lawsuit against the trio, however, also alleges that the defendants used funds, donated to Focus Up Ministries, for personal expenses and other unlawful purposes.

The Attorney General’s Office says it is now trying to find “victims” who invested in Profitable Sunrise or were solicited as potential investors as they investigate the situation.

Those with that kind of information are being asked to call the Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section at 614-466-3181.

A preliminary injunction hearing, in the case, has been scheduled for July 22 at 10 a.m. in the Williams County Common Pleas Court.

Frazer says she hopes it “doesn’t get to that point”.

Pro-Sun: James Paul Schilling’s Motion To Get His Money Back Is Denied

As some may recall, around the end of April a ProSun affiliate, James Paul Schilling, filed a Pro Se Motion to Release $57, 300 that he had Wire transferred to Profitable Sunrise.  Today, he received an answer from Judge Thrash, as follows:


This is an SEC enforcement action. It is before the Court on the pro se Motion to Unfreeze and Release Cash Wire Transfers [Doc. 13] of James Paul Schilling. This attempt to intervene is prohibited by 15 U. S. C. § 78u(g). The Motion to
Unfreeze and Release Cash Wire Transfers [Doc. 13] is DENIED.

SO ORDERED, this 19 day of June, 2013.