So…. Clarence Busby is now slinging for Profit Clicking??

Posted by Don on December 22, 2012One Comment

As some of you might remember, JSS Tripler and Just Been Paid (JBP) all of a sudden morphed into Profit Clicking, all of  them allegedly ran by Frederick Mann, the  infamous Ponzi Pimp.  Now we have Clarence Busby Jr, the former operator of Golden Panda (part of ASD) and a purported minister who was referred to as “Rev. Busby” in Court filings, now slinging yet another scam/scheme. Once more the old ASD member database is being used for recruitment.  I am NOT recommending that anyone join this program, not now, not ever! 


Dear Friend,

 A number of former members of my company sent me information about this company – Profit Clicking.  I was extremely impressed and surprised at my interest.  This company has been in business  for eight years and have  proven that these type of companies can stay in business if done properly.  Take a look. I just joined and have been excited about what I have  seen and read.  They pay 2% daily and have a great website.  Again, I never thought I would be involved in another company so much like the one I closed but this is a tremendous improvement and has solved the difficult problems.  Also, they give you $10.00 to start the program with THEIR money.  So no risk.   Also they do everything offshore (IMPORTANT).  Take a look and have a Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I have purposefully remove the link that would place you into Busby’s downline, and I am totally amazed that he would once more tout a program, when the last one he was in almost got him into Federal legal issues.  Some people never learn.