Zeek Rewards: Latest Activity on 12-cv-519, SEC Case

I am not posting every document that ends up on the Docket, just the ones that seem interesting. For example, we have these new documents:

  • ZeekDoc291-main – Asking the Court to order NXSystems to turn over $9,069,446.52 of Receivership Assets and find them in Contempt of the Court’s Agreed Order.
  • ZeekDoc292 – Memorandum of Law in Support of the above requested Order
  • ZeekDoc294 – Receiver’s Motion Opposing Preferred merchants Solutions, LLC Motion to Lift Stay; with an Exhibit of an article claiming the Cook Islands as a haven for Ponzi proceeds
  • ZeekDoc296 – Order from US Court of Appeals (USCA) Denying Belsome’s Motion for a Stay pending the Appeal