BehindMLM: iFreeX – a TelexFree Clone???

I’m glad to see that BehindMLM has returned following a failed attempt by “Ponzi Process” Faith Sloan to get pictures and other “copyrighted” material removed from the site. Faith Sloan is the problem here, not Oz!!!

And now, on to another cloned “opportunity”.

iFreeX pyramid scheme warning issued by Massachusetts

ifreex-logoA few days prior to our downtime, BehindMLM published a review of iFreeX.

Advertised as “the next TelexFree”, iFreeX are planning on charging affiliates monthly fees and in turn paying them recruitment commissions and shares in monthly revenue pools.

Whether or not regulators in Massachusetts read the review is unclear. Not even a week after it was published however, Secretary of State William F. Galvin issued a public warning:

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