Faith Sloan to SEC: “Why are you picking on me??”

OK, I give up.. Now Faith Sloan is using the olde psycho-babble “But that guy is a bigger crook than I am” defense. And yet, you still admitted to an SEC attorney as being part and parcel of this Ponzi/Pyramid fraud, Ms. Sloan.  And, this is definitely not her first “rodeo” when it comes to scams. Faith Sloan is the consummate “Serial Promoter”, in fact, I think she probably gives lessons.

Ms. Sloan has a long and storied history and has steadily entered into, and recruited for, many other HYIP “opportunities”, most of which have either collapsed or were shut down by the Feds.

Perhaps this time she will get exactly what she deserves, some time in prison.

Below is part of the filing from yesterday. I have placed them all onto the Files website.


Clipboard03 Clipboard04