BehindMLM: Sann Rodrigues plays the victim??

Sann Rodrigues to set up TelexFree Association?


telexfree-logoYou’re at the top of a global billion dollar Ponzi scheme that recently collapsed, and was then shutdown by US regulators.

If you’re Randy Crosby or Santiago De La Rosa, you disappear off into the night and are never heard from again.

If your Faith Sloan, after attempting to brush off the severity of situation as a play-date with regulators, you quietly begin to selectively delete all of the incriminating evidence you’ve uploaded to the internet these past two years.

And if you’re Sann Rodrigues, who is perhaps facing the greatest threat of retribution from those he recruited into the scheme, you first pretend to be a victim of the scam you were a leader in, and then start making all manner of promises to your downline. [Continue reading…]

BehindMLM: DOJ Files Objection in TelexFree Bankruptcy

DoJ file objection in TelexFree bankruptcy application

telexfree-logoYesterday saw the continuation of the first day hearings in TelexFree’s bankruptcy application. Barring any additional information being made public, it looks like the hearing saw three significant events take place:

  1. The DoJ have formally objected to KCC’s fees and compensation
  2. Some of KCC’s actions have been “troubling” to the Judge presiding over the application
  3. A “final hearing” date has been set for May 2nd, with no relief being granted in the interim

As demand for reliable updates on the case surges, below you’ll find my break down of the April 21st bankruptcy hearing and what’s next in the road ahead.

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