From BehindMLM: ZTeamBiz not done fleecing Zeek Rewards affiliates


ZTeamBiz not done fleecing Zeek Rewards affiliates

Oct.13, 2013 in Zeek Rewards 4 Comments


Following the SEC shutdown of the $600M Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme, a group of merry net winners bandied together and began fleecing their downlines for money.

These net winners formed the cream of the crop of Zeek Rewards net winners, led by Captain Robert Craddock, a Zeek Rewards affiliate himself and former second in command of the company’s “threatening of critics” department.

The money ZTeamBiz fleeced from affiliates who donated was originally gathered to be used to defend all Zeek Rewards affiliates who donated against impending SEC litigation. Shortly after the bulk of the money that would be donated was donated however, this changed to the offering of a cookie-cutter attorney letter, provided at an additional cost.

Where did the rest of the money go?

It is widely believed that the bulk of it went towards financing the legal defences of the Zeek Rewards net winners that formed ZTeamBiz. In the months following the SEC shutdown, a number of legal initiatives were launched by ZTeamBiz affiliates to try to thwart attempts to recover funds they stole from their fellow affiliates.

To date, every single one of these actions has failed.

It is believed the rest of the money was put towards the launch of OfferHubb, which was touted as a viable Zeek Rewards replacement for disenfranchised affiliates.

OfferHubb sought to resurrect Paul Burks’ Ponzi points business model, replacing Zeek Rewards’ penny auction front with that of a daily deals platform.

At least that was the initial plan. When the litigation filed by Zeek Rewards’ top net winners was filed, with the rest of the ZTeamBiz affiliates watching on with bated breath, OfferHubb took a back seat.

Once said litigation was revealed to fruitless, with net winners and affiliates of ZTeamBiz likely having to pay back the bulk of their Ponzi proceeds, OfferHubb resurfaced and eventually launched a few months ago.

With nobody interested in Zeek Rewards v2.0 except those who made the most money in v1.0, OfferHubb all but flopped.

Facing impending clawback litigation from the Zeek Rewards Receivership, the ongoing failure of Offer “Zeek Rewards 2.0″ Hubb and the widespread acceptance by non net-winners that Zeek Rewards was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, it seems the folks at ZTeamBiz are launching one final effort to convince whoeever will listen to follow them into “new opportunities”.

In a notice titled “update on the events after Zeek Rewards” published on October 10th, Robert Craddock ZTeamBiz wrote

As you know, August 16, 2012 (the day Zeek Rewards was shut-down) seems like a long time ago, and many things have happened, alleged to have happened, and honestly — just never could have happened.

Sadly we have seen rumors and attempts to confuse all Zeek Affiliates and separate them from their hard-earned money. Please understand that the purpose of this email is to provide you with some valuable updates and help you navigate the mountain of information (and disinformation) that has circled the web over the last 14 months.

The circulation of disinformation? I’ll say. Could it be Robert Craddock and the Craddock 12 are finally going to come clean and atone for the mountains of bullshit they pushed onto Zeek Rewards affiliates?

Nah. [Read the rest of this entry…]