ZTeamBiz.net Posts An “Update” Of Sorts

Zteambiz LogoI know many of you have probably wondered what happened to Robert Craddock, as I have.  The ZTeamBiz website has been “Moving servers” for a few months, as do almost ever Ponzi scam from time to time.  Apparently, they are back on the Inter-Web.

And, we also have an “Update”     ZteamBiz Update

Here’s a brief excerpt from this “Update”, relating to settling with the Receiver:

CAUTION! Although the promissory note option may sound tempting … you might want to think twice. Currently, NO motion(s) have been filed, and to enter into such a “promissory note” document with the intention of defaulting on the agreement may place you in a criminal proceeding — when as of now, this is a civil action.

Um, when i watch the “Judge/Court” TV shows, promissory notes are a civil matter, not criminal. Where did Craddock get his training in law ?  Probably at MLM University, where all these nimrods go to learn how to fleece their fellow-man.

I wonder how Craddock made out with the SEC?  He certainly does not talk about that……..