From BehindMLM: Claims made “FBI Agent Cleared YouGetPaidFast”

Editor’s Note: It amazes me how incredibly low MLM promoters will stoop to making such outlandish and improbable claims just  to make a dollar.


Paul Darby claims FBI agent cleared YouGetPaidFast

Oct.08, 2013 in companies Leave a Comment


As dubious schemes pop up in the MLM industry there’s usually an accompaniment of silly arguments explaining how said scheme is infact not dubious.

These arguments usually begin with the claim that anyone who thinks otherwise is “uneducated” or “just doesn’t get it”, followed by any number of fallacy-ridden arguments.

“We’re legal because we haven’t been shut down!”, “we have a product!”, “you’re just jealous!”, “my upline said…” are just some of the more commonly used arguments we frequently see here on BehindMLM.

(Editorial note: Even as I sit here and write this article, someone just now tried to pull the “we’re legal because we haven’t been shut down!” argument elsewhere on the site…)

Last month Paul Darby launched YouGetPaidFast, a gifting scheme in which participants send each other $7 money orders via the US postal service.

Upon signing up an affiliate is given 4 names and addresses to send the money orders to, after which the recipients mark the money as received. When this happens the newly recruited affiliates moves up the list and is eligible to receive $7 money orders from those they recruit and the new affiliates those recruited recruit and so on.

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