Once again, PatrickPretty needs our donations

It’s approaching the end of the month and Patrick needs our help to continue his journalism.  His detractors say he asks for money because he, too, is running a scam. What idiots they are. Patrick has uncovered a lot of what’s wrong with the world today, unbridled greed in the form on online HYIP scams.

He follows them at his own expense, the same as I do. However, his source of income, ads on his site, were cancelled due to the efforts of a few detractors, thereby rendering him with little income to fund his research and posting ability. That’s exactly why they did it, an attempt to silence him.

I have already made my monthly donation, you should do the same, whatever you can afford.

Will QLXchange/OneX ever get a payment processor??

For weeks now, they have been talking about a new payment processor and still have not named the company, other than saying it has involvement with Bank of America. And, of course, without a payment processor, no one can take out any money. Once the payment processor is up and running, members have been asked to make a small withdrawal. Sort of makes you wonder if they are having money problems, as in “hackers” or some other nonsense they make up as to why you cannot take out your money from the scam.