QLXchange server back up and running

The servers are back up and Rayda Roundy is once again holding “webinars” for this “opportunity”.  I guess it doesn’t bother her having her name associated with the ASD/Ad Cash Generator Ponzi scheme and that she contributed to Andy’s legal problems by getting him into her own downline. Nothing like using one Pyramid scheme to pay for legal defenses in another Pyramid scheme.  Oh, that Andy !!!!

And, since Andy Bowdoin is now prohibited from participating in any internet, MLM or mass marketing of any kind forever and ever, his OneX group of former ASD victims are now under the sponsorship of his webinar helper, Alan Kuykendall.

“ASD Justice” files Objection to Motion to Dismiss

Following recent revelations that Disner and Schweitzer are neck-deep in Zeek Rewards and perhaps other scams, we have this addition to the case docket:

06/15/2012 43 Objection to Motion re 37 Defendant’s MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction 1 Complaint, Defendant’s MOTION TO DISMISS 1 Complaint, FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM Defendant’s MOTION to Change Venue to District of Columbia filed by Dwight Owen Schweitzer. Replies due by 6/25/2012. (cqs) (Entered: 06/18/2012

Of course they object.  Even if they cannot prove any part of their complaint, they will object to any response that does not mirror their own misguided perceptions.  Here are a few of their “arguments”, the full document is on the Files website.

  • The activity of ASD took place in the state of Florida
  • Andy’s wife is sick
  • There has never been a finding by a preponderance of the evidence that the alleged activity that 1ed to the forfeiture was  in fact, a Ponzi scheme
  • A seizure that is unconstitutional at its subsequent events short of a retroactive constitutional amendment
  • Todd and Dwight’s info on ASD servers was “private” because they were on a HTTPS (secure) server.
  • They have “standing” in the case because at the time of the seizure, they had not gotten all of their Ad Pack views
  • The affidavits contain “no operative facts or appropriately supported opinions to offer a disinterested and objective magistrate the ability to find probable cause”
  • That Disner’s 4th Amendment rights were violated when his “Motion to Intervene” was denied for lack of standing
  • “As a result of the government’s action, the plaintiffs cannot tile accurate tax return, have lost both past and future business revenues, their reputations have been damaged to the extent that they recruited others to join in the program that the defendant alleged to be a Ponzi scheme, and by inference the plaintiffs have therefore enlisted others to participate in an illegal enterprise .”
  • “The Plaintiff’s complaint is replete with specific allegations of the inadequacy of the process the defendant used to gain possession of the plaintiff s records”
  • There is a section entitled “The Search And Seizure of Encrypted And Password Protected lnformation Solely Belonging To The Plaintiffs Falls Within The Zone Of lnterests Protected By The Constitutionally Defined Right Of lndividuals To Be Free From Unreasonable Searches And Seizures”
  • “Judge Collyer cannot reverse herself on the same issue previously presented to her, and therefore the plaintiff’s ought not be sent there. The plaintiffs contend that sending them to the D, C. District is tantamount to a pro forma dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims.”
  • “The plaintiffs have already waited almost four years for this injustice to be addressed and to have their day in court”
  • “Based upon the foregoing, the defendant’s motion to dismiss should be denied as the court has subject matter jurisdiction upon which it can enter a declaratory judgment and for that reasons stated above, the case should not be transferred to the District of Columbia.”

I get the feeling that they do not want to go before Judge Collyer and will say whatever they feel necessary to stay in Florida. But, no other Judge has as much experience regarding ASD, so Dwight may well be appearing before Judge Collyer eventually, if the Florida case is not dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.