Inmate information for Andy Bowdoin

The following information comes from the VINE website:

Offender Name: THOMAS  BOWDOIN
Offender ID:   335084
Date of Birth:  11/09/1934
Age:  77
Race:  White
Gender:  Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Correctional Treatment Facility
Perhaps he is in the Treatment facility  (medium security)  due to his age or health conditions, or to make things more convenient for the DOJ to speak with him prior to Sentencing, as the facility has single rooms.
I would imagine that reminiscent of ASD post-raid events in 2008, some of his remaining cheerleaders will send Andy their supportive thoughts, homemade brownies/cookies or send money to his Inmate Account. It would not come as a shock if they did.