Patrick Pretty needs donations !

Our friend Patrick is still having income problems, having lost some income due to an antagonist. I have already sent in what I can and am apparently the only one to send anything in.

I know that times are tough for most of us but the information Patrick supplies is virtually priceless, if only his bills were also. He needs help with the hosting bill, anything you can afford to help will be much appreciated.



I thought this site was about “UPDATES”?

Someone sent me this observation, apparently to remind me I am supposed to do what they want and provide “updates”, especially the information they want. Well, that’s not how this works, I don’t do requests.

The primary focus of their email was about a second remissions process. Unless the DOJ has gathered in a lot more money from Andy (and they have not) where does this person think the money will come from?  There’s maybe $20-25 million left from the civil forfeiture, no where near enough to return all the investments of the other 100,000 former ASD members. The 11,000+ people who did file got back 100% of their money. The email I got is just sour grapes.

Rust’s own website says there will be no more remissions forms mailed or accepted.  However, if you were denied remissions, I suppose you could appeal that decision. But if you chose to listen to all of those who told you not to file because it’s all a government trick, you are out of luck; you missed the boat, plain and simple.

Allen Stanford heads to court

R. Allen Stanford arrives at federal court for a hearing

Many of you remember the name of attorney Larry Friedman, a partner in the ASDMBA along with his longtime friend and client, Robert Guenther.  You might also remember how Friedman quickly inserted himself into the Stanford case with the hope of cleaning up by making a lot of money in retainers.

In a March 2009 article,  it was stated that:

Larry Friedman filed an intervention on behalf of investors in Stanford Financial Group. “My name spread like wildfire,” he said. “These are people who are frantic.”

What is unclear is how much money was paid in retainers and how much good it did those who retained Mr. Friedman.  Having standing in a case has never really bothered him as long as there is money to be made. Of course, this is my own opinion based on numerous posts I have made on the now defunct ASD-BIZ website.  We will probably never know because if it’s anything like the financial information Guenther authorized him to release regarding the ASDMBA, it will never come.

The case is USA v. Robert Allen Stanford, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, No. 09-cr-00342.

Andy, his “Army”, and the real world

When I checked the “Fundraising Army” website today, there is the same information there as there was October 29th, and Joe Cox is still not able to receive funds through PayPal.  We all knew that Andy was not going to get any where near $500,000 from this venture, regardless of how many platitudes and prevarications spewed from his thin, snake-like lips.  Actually, I’m surprised that he got as far as he did.

He now places all of his hopes into OneX/QLXchange, which now has added in PowerX and LEAP.  No matter what you call it, it’s a 4×4 matrix and a pyramid scheme.  Andy decided it was wise to promote this program while awaiting he trial date for running another scheme and apparently, he has the misguided belief that he will make the $500,000 with this venture.  Since he is in the downline of someone else, he is also making that person wealthier by his own actions.

Also of note is that there seem to have been no Andy webinars since the first of 2012.  Perhaps he decided that repeating the exact same script, over and over, wasn’t gaining him sufficient underlings.  I still marvel at the script he read each time, how he tells us that we will be thinking about OneX every day, for the next month…. we just cannot stop thinking about it.  Well, he was wrong… I stopped thinking about it as soon as the webinar ended.

I also wonder if he has ever made amends with Tari Steward.  If you recall, Andy sent out an email in which he accused Tari of running off with records and all the money in their Lead buying program.  The next day, it seems Andy jumped to a conclusion, Tari had simply moved away, and didn’t take records or money.  I suppose Andy can play the “I am old and confused” excuse here.

Another point of confusion is how can OneX claim to have another 3×9 matrix going in QLXchange when that company hasn’t really started in what they claim to be doing as a company, selling precious metals.  It’s like when the used car guy says there’s a spare in the trunk and there isn’t.  QLXchange is a selling point with no real substance or value.  Of course, they will “soon” be in operation.  Anyone want to take bets on when that might be?

You just can’t make up this stuff.  The levels of incredulity are boundless with Andy Bowdoin.  He says that OneX was “sent by God” and is a “bail out plan” for middle America.  Seems we heard all this before in ASD, where Andy told us he was going to make us all millionaires.  Andy seems to be the only one that achieved that level, many times over.  But then, that’s what Andy does, scam everyone he meets.

Yes, I am still here!

Some of you may have noticed that i have not posted anything in a while, mostly because I was doing some other site maintenance and playing games on Facebook.  Add to it that very little has been going on regarding Andy and the criminal trial, it’s been too quiet.

I have restarted the ASD Updates Forum and have added in some spam bot countermeasures. The board has been flooded with these and I took the board down for several months because of this problem. I don’t plan on doing a lot with it, unless people actually use it for a change.

The primary reason for it was for people to have a place to discuss all that is Andy and ASD. I think people have had their fill of it by now. All I look forward to is a guilty verdict and the pile of indictments to follow.

Am I missing something??

Much to my amazement the following was posted yet minutes ago on the Patrick Pretty blob.  It’s timing is suspicious because the same general post was made here on this blog and it was answered Months ago. As far as I can tell, the PP Blog has written nothing recently about Dwight or his suspension.

If you want to see the old article on this subject, you can search for it on the top right.

Here’s what Dwight has to say, again:

Dwight Owen Schweitzer

Jan 11, 2012 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

Patrick, PLEASE SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. I am a lawyer and have never been disbarred. I received a 3 month suspension of my licence to practice law in Connecticut for what even the court described as a technical violation. I had already moved to Miami to be the Publisher of a newspaper long before this suspension.

If I thought I had committed an ethical violation I would simply have filed my retirement papers when I left Connecticut (before the grievance was even filed) and if I had, the bar would have had no jurisdiction over me. I could also have asked that the suspension be lifted at any time after the three months had I chosen to meet the requirements. Had I the slightest thought that I would be the victim of the Internets ability to spread inaccuracies and falsehoods I would have cleared this up long ago.

Please publish this prominently.
Dwight Owen Schweitzer, Esquire

The suspension was for an ethical violation so I have no idea where Dwight is getting his information.  The alleged “inaccurate” information and “falsehoods” came directly from the Connecticut Bar Association website! I suppose they must be mistaken about all of this, as was the man who sued Dwight for not paying back the money that Dwight borrowed from is client following a settlement.  I suppose none of the information available from the Bar Association is true, because Dwight says so…..

Here’s a link to previous posts on this subject.

No changes to “ASD Justice” docket

I checked the Docket today and there is still no proof of “service of process” to either Defendant. Last year the Judge ordered:

Failure to file proof of service or show good cause by March 7 will result in a dismissal without prejudice and without further notice.

They have had over a month to provide proof of service. Wouldn’t it just be typical of those “fighting” for ASD and Andy Bowdoin waiting until it’s too late to prove service or file a timely claim and end up getting the case dismissed?  It wouldn’t be the first time it ever happened.  Andy never filed claim to property in a secondary forfeiture case, property he bought with ASD funds, including the $800K building for which he paid Cash and for other property.

So much for Andy’s concern for members and their money, which became his money.

10-CR-320 2012 Calendar

Like me, many of you are awaiting the beginning of the Criminal Trial of Andy Bowdoin and the expected outcome of him being incarcerated. Although that will not be quite as good as everyone getting back what they invested (yep, I used the “I” word), it will be some consolation to know that Andy can no longer live the lavish lifestyle he is accustomed to, using the money of the people he scammed.

So here’s the dates of Trial related activity, as they are now:

  • A telephonic Status Conference is set for 4/20/2012 at 10:30 AM
  • All defense motions are due by 8/1/2012.
  • The Government shall respond to all defense motions by 8/15/2012.
  • A Pretrial Conference is set for 8/22/2012 at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 8 before Judge Rosemary M. Collyer.
  • Jury Trial is set to commence on 9/24/2012 at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 8 before Judge Rosemary M. Collyer.

I will be checking the Trail Docket bi-weekly for changes and updates which will be posted here.