eFoodsGlobal is now GoFoodsGlobal, like that matters…

I have been receiving emails from GoFoodsGlobal and didn’t have a clue who that is.  Imagine my chagrin when I found on the net that it’s just a name change for eFoodsGlobal, still piloted by Steve Shenk, well known purported scammer.  Like all of the other fear-mongering people on the net and TV, they say you have to have food stored, apparently for the coming worldwide melt down looming on the horizon. They, of course, will be glad to sell you freeze dries foods, water purification and other survival goods. If “Y2K” taught us anything, we need to remember that those who spread gloom and doom generally also sell ways out of the doom and gloom. What a coincidence.

To add more fuel to their fire, the stated that “Federal Agents demand Customer lists from Mormon Food Storage Facility” in an article posted on the “Oath Keepers” website. According to this article, the validity of this was confirmed by a member of the Oath Keepers. Isn’t that vetting your own information yourself ??

Here’s some info posted on the net:

December 09, 2011

Steve Shenk is the founder of eFoods Global, now Go-Foods Global, and we are proud to present the second video segment of this important interview. Please listen to both segments. It’s very important.  The global elite are now going after our food storage programs!  Warn your friends and family and if you do nothing else, start storing food!

Ah yes, the “Global Elite”. Oddly, both parts of the mentioned videos have been pulled by the person who posted them. I bet they will blame the Global Elites. Statements like these remind me of Hitler and how he blamed all of Germany’s and the World’s problems on the Jews. It’s always easy to assign the blame to others. Most often, it’s the ones making the statements that are the actual problem.

As soon as Chef Boy-ar-dee products go on sale, I am stocking up on Ravioli and Spaghetti-O’s.

PP Blog adds Donation Post

Many people read the Patrick Pretty blog every day. I wonder how many actually donate to the blog, to help offset the costs of hosting, broadband access, and other expenses incurred while providing valuable information to the public.

Join me in helping to keep the PP Blog up and going both this year and the next.

Leaming waives “Speedy Indictment”; his Attorney is “unavailable”


Reminiscent of the ASD civil trial, Leaming’s attorney plans on being gone for a while, which leaves is client (Leaming) sitting in a Federal detention facility oven Christmas and New Year’s. The original date to file an Indictment was December 22, but has been extended to January 27, 2012.

If things work out like they are doing for other “sovereign citizens”, Leaming is looking at some prison time. It seems even “sovereigns” are subject to laws, although they maintain that they are not. They are continuing to lose that argument.

Below are the new additions to the Docket file:

12/12/2011 14 NOTICE of Unavailability of attorney Phil I Brennan from 12/13/11 to 1/7/12 (Brennan, Phil) (Entered: 12/12/2011)
12/12/2011 15 Agreed MOTION to Continue speedy indictment deadline by Kenneth Wayne Leaming. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order) Noting Date 12/12/2011, (Brennan, Phil) (Entered: 12/12/2011)
12/12/2011 16 WAIVER of speedy indictment by defendant Kenneth Wayne Leaming (Brennan, Phil) (Entered: 12/12/2011)
12/13/2011 17 ORDER EXTENDING TIME TO FILE INDICTMENT as to Kenneth Wayne Leaming, by Judge Karen L Strombom. The time within which an Indictment shall be filed is extended from on or about 12/22/11, to 1/27/12. (cc: PTS, USPO, USMO) 1/27/12 (TW) (Entered: 12/13/2011)

Leaming is Ordered to Remain in Remand

Looks like Leaming’s argument that he had a possible, sorta kinda address did not sway the Judge to allow him Bail. The address he proposed was a trailer home belonging to a friend of his. That wasn’t exactly a permanent address where Leaming could be assured to remain until trial. So, he remains in custody.

I posted the Motion he filed (Doc 12) on the Files website.

Below are the last 3 entries on the docket:

12/01/2011 11 NOTICE OF HEARING as to Kenneth Wayne Leaming (cc: USPO, PTS, USMO) Bail Review Hearing set for 12/9/2011 at 03:00 PM in D Courtroom before Judge J Richard Creatura at defendant’s request. (KAM) (Entered: 12/01/2011)
12/06/2011 12 MOTION for Detention Review by Kenneth Wayne Leaming. Oral Argument Requested. Noting Date 12/6/2011, (Brennan, Phil) (Entered: 12/06/2011)
12/09/2011 13 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge J Richard Creatura- CRD: K Miller; AUSA: Vince Lombardi; Def Cnsl: Phil Brennan; PTS: Michael Markham and Julie Busic; Time of Hearing: 3:00 PM; Courtroom: D; Session #: TAC111209; BAIL REVIEW HEARING as to Kenneth Wayne Leaming. Parties argue the issue. Court stands by the Detention Order previously entered on 11/22/2011 without prejudice to review (Doc #7). Defendant remanded. (KAM) (Entered: 12/09/2011)

ASD Justice issues Summons to US Attorney

It seems that it took a Magistrate Judge’s Order to prompt the Plaintiff into sending out Summons to the Defendants. Almost a month has gone by, probably the reason for the Judge’s order.

Here is an excerpt from the Summons:

To: The United States
c/o W ifredo A. Ferrer, Esquire
United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida
99 N E 4th Street
M iami, Florida 33132

A law suit has been filed against you.

Within 60 days after service of this summons on you (not counting the day you received it), you must serve on the Plaintifrs an answer to the attached complaint or a motion under Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The answer or motion must be served on the plaintiffs (addresses omitted)

I can hardly wait to hear the response from the US Attorney. Nothing on the docket about the summons to Rust. Maybe they will get to that later.

The Eagle Research Associates Capital One VISA card

Eagle Research Associates, Inc.  has launched it’s Capital One VISA card.  Here’s some information on it:

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Andy made a mistake, Tari Steward didn’t run with the money!

In an email sent to his “Success Team” last Wednesday,  Andy announced two fairly dramatic events. The first was that Rayda Roundy would no longer be hosting the Webinars due to being too tired after doing her own Webinars. That was a bit weird, after all, Rayda was the one that got Andy into OneX as a way to pay his defense fees for the upcoming criminal trial.

The second really odd thing was that Andy said that Tari Steward, with whom he had been associated for many years, had ran off with all of the Co-Op marketing money and records, and had left the state. Now it seems that Andy had been premature in calling Tari a thief.

Here is what Saint Uncle Andy had to say today:

 I would like to apologize for the email I wrote Wednesday about Tari Steward. I received bad information and relayed it on to the team.  He was tied up in packing to move to Oregon.  His phones were saying voice mail full and his internet was cut off because of his moving. I could not get in touch with him so when I heard he had left for Oregon, I believed it. But he called Wednesday night and explained what he had been doing and that he had to be out of the house Wednesday night.  Thursday  he got all the records on the co-op and the leads to Alan so he could start blasting Friday night.  He fulfilled his contract.

Tari Steward should at least sue Andy for Defamation, as what Andy said in the mail was certainly defaming Tari’s character. Why Andy would jump to such a conclusion is hard to say. No, wait, it isn’t.

Perhaps Andy simply projected his own severe and total lack of morals onto Tari Steward and thought Tari was doing what Andy tried to do with ASD, run off with all of the money and the records.Andy wouldhave done so, if the government had not seized his bank accounts. Make no mistake, these two are cut from similar cloth; that’s why Andy thought Tari had taken all of the money and records.

Needless to say, these two deserve each other!

David Myrland gets 3 years for threatening Mayor and other officials

The article below is from a Seattle newspaper and is mentioned because this individual has some ties to Kenneth Wayne Leaming and is a member of the “County Rangers”, an armed sovereign “law enforcement” group. The problem is, they are trying to enforce their OWN laws.  Adding insult to injury, Myrland is using an existing Washington statutes as the basis of “Arrest Warrant”. Here we have a “sovereign” citizen (above the laws of the city, state and country) using the law he so despises and dishonors as his tool.  Such is the hypocrisy of the “Sovereigns”. They use the laws that they say they do not recognize whenever it suits them.

A previous Seattle Post-Intelligencer article says:

In September, King County prosecutors filed felony charges against Myrland, a traffic offender who was apparently upset that his car was impounded following a traffic stop and sent a threatening e-mail to Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride.

In the letter, Myrland, 52, of Redmond, suggested the mayor leave her home unlocked to facilitate a citizen’s arrest, according to charging documents. He went on to claim to have issued a “writ of probable cause” and said he would be arriving at the mayor’s home with 50 armed concerned citizens, police said.

“DO NOT RESIST as these Citizens will be heavily armed and will meet all resistance with all necessary force, as provided by law,” Myrland continued, according to charging documents. “If you default or otherwise do not appear, and if my application is granted, I would advise you to keep your front and back doors to your home UNLOCKED to better facilitate your lawful arrest.”

Four days after the e-mail, police contend Myrland left a short threatening message on the home phone of an assistant city attorney who’d been involved in a civil case filed by Myrland.

“Keep your doors unlocked,” Myrland said, according to police. “Don’t resist. You’re going to be meeting people.”

Myrland was arrested and his vehicle impounded by Kirkland police on Aug. 10, 20 days before the e-mails arrived.

According to charging documents, Myrland was suspected of driving with a suspended license and an expired temporary license plate. At the time, police contend Myrland had an unloaded pistol and a loaded ammunition magazine on the passenger’s seat.

During the stop, Myrland repeatedly told officers he was “not subject to Washington state laws” and offered to provide Kirkland officers with a legal brief, a Federal Protective Service senior special agent said in charges filed Jan. 21 in U.S. District Court. He is alleged to have claimed he would be “constitutionally authorized” to come to an officer’s home and arrest him or her.

Officers ultimately removed Myrland from the car and found he was carrying a loaded pistol in a shoulder holster. Asked why he was carrying the gun, the agent said, Myrland claimed he owned it to “shoot pit bulls.”

Part of the communication to the Mayor reads:

“Over an $800.00 automobile, my Bible, my basketball, and documents your subordinates have chosen to steal from inside my glove box, you, have acquired felony status and will be arrested. You understand why such conduct is rightfully viewed as a threat to personal and Public safety by anyone learning of such domestic terrorism. your conduct of official matters threatens all who come near Kirkland, WA, and you will taken out of that position by any mean “necessary.” (RCW 9A.16.020).”

Myrland was sentenced in a real court to over 3 years in prison for these threats. Looks like we need to keep an eye on the people right here in America who have made it their life’s mission to undermine, disregard or make up the Law as they go. The country that allows them the right to be an idiot is the same country they are trying to tear down. I hope they all end up in jail, where they should be.