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A few interesting developments

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There have been a few things come to light recently having to do with Leaming and Andy Bowdoin.

During the arrest of Leaming last week, it seems that the arresting officers located several (around 7) firearms in Leamings home. Being a convicted Felon, this may add even more charges against him and also acts as further reasons to consider him dangerous, when one considers his politics and lack of concern for laws the rest of us have to follow (but not him).

There was an email from Andy this morning, telling us that Rayda will no longer be taking part in his webinars due to being tired from doing her own webinars (didn’t seem to bother her before, for about a month). Is something rotten in Andy land?

Andy goes on to say, “Our lead generation co-op that Tari Steward, President of Millionaire Marketing, was in charge of will be delayed in starting a few days because I just found out Tuesday night that he took off with the money and records Tuesday afternoon. He left the state.”

What’s odd is it is said so “matter of fact”, sorta like he did when the Russian hackers stole $1 million from ASD. Why on earth he decided he needed to tell people that is another question. Seems his long time affiliation with Tari Steward has come to an end, or Andy is once again deceiving us.

Andy ends his email with “The world is full of surprises.”  Yes it is, Andy.. yes it is…

Some background on Leaming and the Arby’s Indians….

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Some of you may not have read the information about the “Little Shell Pembina Band”, a group of extremist anti-government “sovereigns citizens”, so here’s a link to an article about Extremism in America.

It’s kinda scary that these people are wandering around the country, armed and dangerous. It rises to the level of domestic terrorism, even if it’s only done on paper. But these guys are really and truly a danger to America and what the majority of the population want. These “sovereigns’ are really nothing more than criminals, making up their own laws and sovereign nature as they go. They forget that their interpretation of the law has no bearing in reality.

Most of these guys claiming native American status are no more Native than the majority of us. They just like the sound of the words “Sovereign Nation”. It just a ploy by crooks trying to cheat on taxes, make up their own laws and courts and be pretend important people.

Leaming’s Detention, the reasons for it

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I checked PACER this morning and found some new additions to the docket. among them were the Motion and Order for Detention.  In the Motion for Detention, the government makes the following claims:


And it looks like the Judge agreed:

The Court has also provided Leaming with an appointed attorney,

“CJA 20 as to Kenneth Wayne Leaming: Appointment of Attorney Phil I Brennan for Kenneth Wayne Leaming signed by Judge J Richard Creatura”

I would have thought that a self-described “internationally recognized attorney” would represent himself. Perhaps the Judge made the right decision, when one considers the severity of the charges and the length of jail time if convicted. Not even “Keny” could argue that, “Admiralty Law” or not.

The Complaint and what it entails

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"Keny" Wayne Leaming

I have read over the Complaint against “Keny” Wayne Leaming and it reads like some really bad novel. He is facing 3 Felony charges of Retaliating against a Federal judge or Federal law enforcement officer by false claim or slander of title. These charges stem from his filing of liens against some of the Federal Employees who were part of the ASD Civil case. It seems that neither he nor the ASD Justice group will stop beating that dead horse.

The complaint states that Leaming was affiliated in the past with the “Little Shell Pambina Band”, also known as the “Arby’s Indians”, who claim to be a “sovereign” Native American tribe. More recently, he was affiliated with the “County Rangers”, who carried badges and pretended to be law enforcement. Keep in mind the “Little Shell” tribe also printed their own license plates and drivers licenses. They seem to think that they are immune to the Laws of the Land, after all, they claim to be “sovereign”. So far, that has not flown well with the government, one Federal Judge called them a Sham (hoax). I thought people gave up pretending when they grew up; it seems some do not.

These folks also believe that the original form of government and “common law” set forth by the Founding Fathers has been secretly replaced by “Admiralty Law”. They also believe that Judges know all about it but are denying the sovereign’s motions and filings “out of treasonous loyalty to hidden and malevolent government forces”. They believe that under “common law” they would be free men, but under “Admiralty Law” they are “slaves”. They often meet to discuss these things, apparently at the closest Arby’s.

The Complaint goes on to detail the communications Leaming has with the co-founder of the “Civil Rights Task Force”, a group that “offered seminars intended to assist participants with business and planning.”  Leaming is the “President” of the American-International Bussness Law, Inc. and is a self-described “internationally recognized lawyer.”  Actually, he never attended any law school and the few ads he had on the internet, such as one on the Cornell Law website, were removed when they found out he was not a licensed attorney.

As if these were not bizarre enough, the liens he filed amount to $ 225,400,000,000. This lien is relative to Count One of the complaint and includes 6 individuals, two who had no involvement in the ASD Civil case. Why he is targeting the CEO of the Navy Federal Union and the former Secretary of Transportaion is anyone’s guess. No one said it had to make any sense; and it doesn’t. I suppose when one considers that Leaming and his cohort, one Christian Oesch, had previously filed a $29 Trillion dollar claim against most of the same ASD related individuals, a scant $225,400,000,000 seems much more reasonable (not).

Adding to the lunacy, Leaming sent communications to a federal inmate (his partner  in the Civil Rights Task Force, David Carroll Stephenson) indicating he would send “habeas” to Chief Justice Roberts and to his kids at their school. How creepy is that? What do they have to do with this? It’s bad enough that he’s filing false liens against a District Court Judge, is he stupid enough to mess with the Chief Justice as well?  Apparently, he is. The reasons for these communications is they believe that Stephenson has had his “liberty concealed and restrained” under a ficticious name. The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) must not be doing a very good job of concealing Stephenson if Leaming could find him.

What strikes me as moronic is the Complaint mentions that numerous times during telephone conversations between Leaming and Stephenson, it was told to Leaming that the conversation was being monitored; Leaming seemed as if he didn’t care. One of the topics of discussion was how Leaming thinks the BOP owes Stephenson either $10 or $20 million for not verifying that he is “legally incarcerated”.  Leaming also mentions some petitions that are supposed to make Judges prove their authority and that they are competent to hear criminal cases, which both he and Stephenson “know they are not”.

I have the deepest respect for free speech, even if it is the ramblings of these deluded individuals. However, they have no rights that are above mine or yours, perceived or imagined. That seems to be a point they are missing somehow. They are not “special”, any more than are the rest of the citizens of these United States.

Judge orders “Keny” Wayne Leaming to remain in custody

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"Keny" Wayne Leaming

It seems that federal officials who had involvement with the Andy Bowdoin/ASD civil case are not the only ones targeted by Leaming and his Ludicrous Liens. He also filed a lien against a G.W. Bush Cabinet member, the Secretary of Transportation. Only he knows the reasons or logic behind his questionable actions. Some will remember that Leaming describes himself as an “internationally recognized attorney” or some other such nonsense. I doubt he has a formal legal education and rumors have it all he did was read a few books and all of a sudden, he’s an attorney. I read a book called “Gone With The Wind” but I do not think that I am Rhett Butler.

My initial guesses of the ASD related federal employees was fairly accurate, according to the Patrick Pretty blog. In addition to Judge Collyer,  Jeffrey A. Taylor,  William Cowden, and Roy Dotson,  the fifth party is the current assistant U.S. Attorney Vasu B. Muthyala.  It seems that Mr. Muthyala is currently on the Prosecution team in Andy’s criminal trial and was also involved in the Civil trial.

I wonder how long “Keny” will remain in remand. I also wonder how long it will take him to file a false lien on the Judge that denied him bail.

Leaming arrested for filing liens against Federal employees in ASD case

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From the latest information, “Keny” Wayne Leaming was arrested as a result of “criminal charges of retaliating against a Federal judge or Federal law enforcement officer by false claim or slander of title”, according to the Patrick Pretty blog.  This is not the first time “Keny” has used his “legal knowledge” to file false liens, but it looks like this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew or swallow.

To add to his difficulties, he was arrested with two federal fugitives from Arkansas. I wonder if he will get more charges for aiding and abetting. At least he is in the same detention center as his newly found “friends”.

The Patrick Pretty blog also stated:

“Prosecutors in Seattle said Leaming is accused of filing liens against at least five federal employees involved in the ASD case, including a federal judge, a former U.S. attorney, a former assistant U.S. attorney, a current assistant U.S. Attorney and an agent of the U.S. Secret Service.”

If my guessing is correct, the people mentioned loosely above would include Judge Collyer, Jeffrey Taylor, William Cowden, and Roy Dotson. The “current assistant US Attorney” could be two individuals that come to mind. It makes one wonder just how mentally challenged this guy actually is, thinking that there would be no repercussions. He’s been told before to stop filing false claims, if I remember correctly. Looks like he didn’t listen.

I wonder how this event will cloud the ASD Justice lawsuit, seeing how “Keny” is somehow involved in it.

“Keny” Wayne Leaming is in Federal Custody

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"Keny", aka Kenneth Wayne Leaming

Details are still emerging but the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is listing Kenneth (Keny) Wayne Leaming among the inmates at the Sea Tac Federal Detention Center, near Seattle. So far, nothing has shown up on PACER or the Western District of Washington state’s websites; the reasons for the detention are not yet known.

Leaming, who says he is a “sovereign citizen”, has a long history with local and Federal officials, is noted for filing claims for perceived wrongs, and most notably, filed a case in the US Court of Claims for around $29 Trillion dollars. That case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

Mr. Leaming had previously been jailed for operating an aircraft without a pilot’s license. Leaming acts as the “Tribal Attorney” for a fictional tribe sometimes known as the “Arby’s Indians”, due to them having meetings at the local Arby’s restaurant. The group is also known for making their own driver’s licenses and license plates.

As details become available, I will post them here.

Andy’s new “Massive Email Marketing Co-Op”

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Andy, along with Tari Steward and Rayda Roundy, are now espousing the wonders of Email Marketing and a Co-op setup for the members under him in OneX. From all I can gather, it is just more indications that Andy is once more fully involved in another scam and wants to get more people into its, the same as he did with ASD. He pretends to have the member’s best interests at heart, but let’s not lose sight of why he got into OneX, to fund his criminal defense of 7 Felony charges in a Federal trial. As with previous scams, he has HIS own interests as the true motivator here.  His Fundraising site died a horrible death, so Rayda got him involved in OneX and GLXchange (a company with no gold or silver products but will, “someday”).

As usual, Andy uses the same marketing babble and calls everything “good news”, even when it isn’t.

Now here’s the really good news: This Massive Email Marketing Co-Op is super affordable and will only cost $50 one time per position, and it will be a 2 month long marketing campaign with daily email blasts to hundreds of thousands of addresses. There is no limit on how many co-op positions you can buy, but there are only 300 Co-Op positions available in this first Co-Op, and we expect it to quickly sell out.

Here we go, motivating people to spend money and get their positions that could “sell out quickly”. I wonder how all of the email blasts, to “hundreds of thousands” of people, don’t qualify as SPAM and run the risk of getting someone a hefty fine. If the program is as good as they say it is, why do they need to stoop to such underhanded and questionable tactics as filling a hundred thousand email accounts with mail no one really wants.

The reason they need to do this is the same motivator Andy, Tari and Rayda have always had,  more money for themselves.

A response to one of Dwight’s comments

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In the post entitled “Dwight goes a-calling”, he responded to mentions of the suspension of his law license as follows:

First about my suspension: It occurred 2 years after I had left the practice of law and came to Florida at the invitation of the Miami Herald Publishing Company to be the editor and publisher of a Knight Ridder owned newspaper here. My suspension from the practice of law (which is different than being disbarred) was for 90 days as a result of a technical ethical violation, but as I never intended to practice law again here or anywhere else I did nothing about it. What is important to note is that if I thought I had done anything wrong I would have filed my retirement papers when I left, as no grievance had been filed then, and the Bar would have had no authority to suspend my right to practice there.

All this is well and good until you actually look up his record at the Connecticut Bar Association. Here is a brief except from the Statewide Grievance Committee of the Connecticut Bar, regarding an incident where Dwight Schweitzer sent a fax to a Judge that had dismissed one of his cases:

On or about July I, 2008, the Respondent sent correspondence via facsimile to the chambers of the Honorable Sarah Zabel of the IIth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida requesting that the dismissal of his case be reopened sua sponte or a hearing be noticed on a motion to set aside the dismissal. The judge had made a ruling on the case that morning. The Respondent did not send, contemporaneously, a copy of the correspondence to opposing counsel. On the correspondence, the Respondent indicated that he was an “Attorney and Counselor at Law[,] licensed solely in the state of Connecticut.” The Respondent was suspended from the practice of law on August 21, 2003, and his license has been inactive since that time. The Respondent did not indicate to the judge that his license in Connecticut has been suspended.

In response to why he used letterhead saying he was an attorney, he wanted “to let the court know that I was not the typical pro se litigant and felt it completely appropriate to indicate my being licensed with all that it implies.”

A Suspension, at least to me anyway, is tantamount to a Dishonorable Discharge from the military; it will forever taint whatever good you might have done before or after. (My opinion) Let me be clear, I am merely mentioning these things for the sake of information and note that they are easily verified and also easily proven to be truthful.