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An “Update from Andy’s Fundraising Army” – Get ready for the mass mailing..

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I was lucky enough to receive this in email this morning and according to the “update”, Andy plans on doing a mass mailing on Monday. Like we don’t get enough spam already!   On thing I noticed was in the header, the picture that used to have Andy as a an “Honest, Ethical and Successful Businessman” now only says his name… I wonder why??

Anyway, here’s what Uncle Andy has to say:

(I have killed all of the links in the email)

Good News Update for All ASD Members…
The Fundraising Project is Working!
Here are the Initial Progress Statistics.


Dear ASD Member,

This is Andy Bowdoin, and this is my first Good News Update email about the initial progress statistics of our very exciting Fundraising Project that most of you know about already.
Well, the Fundraising Project is definitely working, and since we started our “Soft Launch” of the Fundraising Website just 3 days ago, we already have 75 members who have joined “Andy’s Fundraising Army” and they each made their small donation, totaling over $3,000 so far.
Here are the actual Progress Statistics so far:
  • We have only sent a few emails to just 468 ASD Members, during our “Soft Launch” to test all the Online Systems and make sure everything works.
  • The emails were opened by 38% of the people emailed, which means that approximately 178 ASD Members actually opened and read the email.
  • Of these 178 people, 75 so far have joined Andy’s Fundraising Army and made their small donation.
  • This is an exciting 42% of the ASD Members who read the email, which is really Good News!
  • The average donation amount per member is right now at $40, which is also really Good News!
The Power of Duplication = Networking and Sharing to Reach our Goal:
  • Many of these 75 ASD Members are now forwarding the emails to their member contacts, and this will keep increasing.
  • Imagine what will happen, using the proven Network Marketing model, if each of these 75 members of Andy’s Fundraising Army just got only 2 of their ASD member contacts to also join our Army and contribute an average of $40 each “one time”.
  • Then this “duplication” could continue, as they each get only 2, who each get only 2, who each get only 2, etc.
  • Amazingly, if this continues out to just 8 levels of duplication and doubling, with each new member only donating $40 “One Time”, we would already have generated $381,000.  It would only take a little more doubling on the 9th level to reach our Goal of $500,000 for my Legal Defense Fund.
  • And the other Good News is that this can happen really fast, if each of you simply get 2 others to do the same as fast as you can, and then have them duplicate you as fast as they can, etc., etc. out only 8 levels.
So there is the proof of how easy and fast each and everyone of you in Andy’s Fundraising Army can directly help us to reach our Goal.
Email Blast to the ASD Members List of Over 77,000: This coming Monday, we will begin our email blast to the entire ASD Members list, and we will keep blasting this list every day or so, with different emails, until we get the Networking Momentum kicked in and turned on, causing rapid growth in our Fundraising Statistics, which will easily carry us to reaching our Goal.
So, keep sharing and Networking and getting your ASD Member contacts to
join Andy’s Fundraising Army and make their small donation, and we will all Win!
NOTE: My Legal Defense Team needs the total fundraising goal reached as fast as we can, so they can start getting all the expensive resources acquired and organized, as I tell you in my New Video and on the New Website for Andy’s Fundraising Army.
Visit my new Website now and watch my “Good News Update” video, read through the Website and Join with Thousands of other ASD Members in a huge Army of supporters to help me win my Federal Court Battle for all of our benefit.
Click on the Following Link Now to Visit my New Website where you can Watch my “Good News Update” Video and learn all the Exciting Details –
IMPORTANT:  Please forward this email to all of your ASD Team Members that you can reach, so they will also be introduced to this extremely exciting “Strong Hope and Good Chance for Justice” that I and all ASD Members now have.

I invite you to join us, so we as a large Army, can fight this Federal Court Battle and Win “Liberty and Justice” for all of us.

     Thank you for your support and help,
Your Friend,
Andy Bowdoin
Founder & President of ASD
(Sorry about the text size variances, his emails always do this when copied)

Finally, an ‘ASD” lawyer in good standing

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As I try to do with lawyers involved in the ASD case, I looked up Mr. Joe B. Cox on the Florida Bar website. I am happy to find that he has had NO disciplinary actions in the last 10 years.  This at least proves that “lawyers” who get involved in any ASD related endeavor in the state of Florida can actually be credible. What a reputable man is doing representing Andy is something I have not quite figured out.

Mr. Cox shows to be a “Member in Good Standing” which means:

Members of The Florida Bar in good standing shall mean only those persons licensed to practice law in Florida who have paid annual membership fees or dues for the current year and who are not retired, resigned, delinquent, inactive, or suspended members.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Cox does not come to regret acting as Andy’s trustee on this Lawyer Trust Account.  He appears to be a decent guy from what I can find on the inter-web.

I’m doing my own survey

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Since Tari Steward is claiming such a high percentage of the 100+ people that answered his survey (over 90%) were supporting Andy.  And that it was an accurate sampling of the entire member database, at least in his own mind. But then, consider the other things that he and Andy believe

Yet more from Saint Uncle Andy……

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As if the “official” website wasn’t enough, Andy is sending out emails (or someone is sending them out for him) to make sure that all of the 123,00+ (unsubstantiated) members of ASD help with his expensive legal battle. He continues with he mantra that we are all victims of freedom stealing evil government who doesn’t allow honest, ethical “entrepreneurs” to run businesses and make money (right, Andy has a track record of successful companies (not), Anyway, here’s more drivel and puffery from the “Money Magnet” himself (or so it seems):



Exciting Good News for All ASD Members…
We Now Have a Strong Hope and Good Chance to Win this Battle Against the Major Injustices That Were Done to ASD, Myself and All 123,000+ ASD Members on August 1, 2008…


Dear ASD Member,
This is Andy Bowdoin, and even though it’s been a very long time since you have heard directly from me, I want you to know that I am still here, I am well and I remain strong and determined to continue fighting the legal battles and un-true charges against me and ASD.

I have some Exciting Good News for all ASD Members, and with my new Legal Defense Team I am more hopeful than ever before that we can win the current big battle, as you will read about in this email. 

There is now a Strong Hope and Good Chance that the “Giant Nightmare of Injustices” we have all been experiencing for the last 3 years can now be over. I have had a new video produced of me explaining these Good News Updates along with a New Website where you can learn all about it.
There is now a strong chance that this 3 years long horrible nightmare of ASD being destroyed can be over, and the following wonderful dream could actually come true for all of us, when these 3 major legal wins occur –
  1. I am found Not Guilty by a Federal court Jury on all criminal charges against me.
  2. ASD is found by the same Jury to Not be a Ponzi Scheme and can be back in business for good.
  3. ASD members can finally have a strong fighting chance to get their advertising money returned to them.
Visit my new Website now and watch my “Good News Update” video, read through the Website and Join with Thousands of other ASD Members in a huge Army of supporters to help me win my Federal Court Battle for all of our benefit.
Click on the Following Link Now to Visit my New Website where you can
Watch my “Good News Update” Video and learn all the Exciting Details –

www.AndysFundraisingArmy dot com
IMPORTANT:  Please forward this email to all of your ASD Team Members that you can reach, so they will also be introduced to this extremely exciting “Strong Hope and Good Chance for Justice” that I and all ASD Members now have.

I invite you to join us, so we as a large Army, can fight this Federal Court Battle and Win “Liberty and Justice” for all of us.

Thank you for your support and help,

Your Friend,
Andy Bowdoin
Founder & President of ASD
www.AndysFundraisingArmy dot com

All I can say is “Holy Shit!!!!”

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Honest and Ethical, my ass!!

I have tried to prepare myself for what this new Andy video had in store. I was shocked that the video was shot with Andy in semi-closeup which didn’t allow is to see his trademark hand gestures. You can see his shoulders moving, but that’s about it. As far as the actual content of the video goes, I am flabbergasted at the depth of absurdity that was reached. The music from the beginning to when Andy starts flapping his gums is purposely dramatic and patriotic, swelling to a crescendo and making you want to pay a visit to the local military recruiter; they trade on patriotic images of flags, eagles and the like, as if they are trying to get Andy elected to some high office.

The video is shot in what looks like Andy;s office, it’s the same setting and chair as previous photos and videos. You can see Andy’s eyes going back and forth as he reads the drivel that Tari Steward manufactured for him to say.  The puffery employed is sickening, every word laid out as if it was an ad to sell you something for which you have absolutely no need. No matter what words or phrases are written for him to say, Andy still come across as a weasel. Even he seems to not believe all he is saying.

I also noticed his is continually licking his lips, almost after every sentence. The Interweb gives us this tidbit:

Licking your lips after saying something is a strong sign of deception. When people get nervous, their saliva glands cease to produce saliva, and our mouths become dry. There are two reasons why a person could lick their lips after saying something. They are either nervous, or are uncomfortable with what they just said.

Hm, so does even Andy not believe his on crap and is only trying to scam more money out of former ASD members? The answer is YES!! Records indicate that ASD took in around $110 million and yet the seized funds add up to about 30 million less than that. OK, so where is the rest of this money? Did Andy forget about the $2 million in Aruba? I know I’m not sending in any money and I’m betting the majority of former members feel the same way.Are they serious with their “Survey” results? 100 or so people, in a closed group survey, do not an accurate cross section make. Especially when they say that 90% of those surveyed would send Andy money. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

In the introduction, amidst the blaring dramatic underscore, text appears that tells us of Andy’s unwavering courage and how he is fighting for us all. Um, did they forget the Proffer letter he signed, the fact that he released all claims to the money in hopes of avoiding jail time or that he was fighting for HIS money, not our money!

Andy goes on to say his attorneys don’t like him talking about the case. Hm, he had the same advice from his original lawyers, and he posted videos anyway. After all, he’s smarter than his attorneys and those videos were used to defeat him. I bet this one and those that follow will mysteriously appear during his Criminal trial. So, Andy, keep talking. And, he does, as usual.

Following Andy’s meaningless banter we are presented with Joe Cox, Andy’s “personal attorney”, the guy who is running and controlling the Lawyers Trust account. As he is telling us of Andy’s integrity, his head is moving left to right, an indicator that perhaps he doesn’t believe what he is saying. After all, he’s Andy’s personal attorney.But, I think we should all watch this video all the way though, if only to remind ourselves of how big a sleaze ball Andy really is. We need to be reminded, as do the people prosecuting him.

Andy’s “Official” Website finally appears, late of course

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Andy’s website finally launched about 1 1/2 hours late. Be sure to visit if only to watch the “Good News” video.  I haven’t watched it yet, I am trying to savor the moment.  I feel fairly confident it is filled with the usual mumbo-jumbo, and the grandiose hand gestures that he learned from either Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins or  Tony Little.

I am also taken aback that they are publishing the Expert Witnesses, one of whom is known as an “expert for hire” and has had previous problems with the SEC which resulted in a Civil conviction.  Andy surrounded himself with fellow Felons and other miscreants in ASD’s offices, why not now?

I will not be putting an active link to the site here, but I will point you in the right direction. The address is

http://www.andysfundraisingarmy dot com/andy_home.html

Hm, still no “Official” website

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Here is it, well past the 8 PM EST time that Tari Steward said the site would be fully functional and still nothing. This “Fundraising Army” website is AWOL.

So what’s the holdup? The payment processor or the Lawyers Trust Account? It looks like this wasn’t very well thought out, considering Andy “hired “this guy to get the site functional. Hopefully, Tari is getting paid in Ad Packs!!!



Still no “Official” Andy website

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Not a real shock, the website didn’t launch today, even after having 15 days from the original launch date. It’s the same as when ASD tried to “Update” their site and kept having problems.

Maybe they should have commissioned some Jr. High kids to do the site for them, at least it might be operational.

Confusing Email that someone sent me….

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Someone I know forwarded an email to me which appears to have come from Todd Disner (ASD Justice) containing some information which impacts both ASD (Andy) and the postponed ASD Justice’s filing of a suit in Florida. The desired outcome of both Andy and the ASD Justice group is to get all member money returned, although they are both approaching it in different ways. I would think that both parties cannot get money returned, especially when neither party has possession of said money.  Anyway, here’s the email I received:


Hi folks,

I talked to Andy the other day. He was in Atlanta airport coming home from his hearing in Washington .  He said the government gave his attorney 10 discs full of files . The judge gave his attorney only 90 days to review all the documents .

This was not fair but this is what the judge determined .But what was really interesting was when he told me that the prosecution was very proud of 11,000 affidavits they received from us through Rust Incorporated.

They “think” that they have evidence that now ASD was an investment. Of course we knew that that was a trap to get unsuspecting and desperate people to sign just about anything in an effort to get their money back .  (My question is where of the other 107,000 people who did NOT sign the affidavit?)

I’m sure that Andy’s attorney will speak to the coercive nature used to created that questionable evidence. To me it appears more and more that our government is operating with malice in this case. I think that will be apparent to any jury.

Andy’s attorney is filing a motion to REDO the affidavit, This is a powerful attempt to get our money back by asking the court to make the government issue a “reasonable” form; one that does not make us perjure ourselves in an effort to recover what is rightfully OURS. 

Remember when we enrolled in ASD, we signed the “Term and Conditions” explicitly stating the ASD was NOT AN INVESTMENT. The existing form make liars out of us, one way or the other.Andy was in good spirits and very confident about his case .  Dwight helped him get money back from his second attorney .

This is a story in itself. Its shows the way Andy has been treated by his previous attorneys.We plan to go after Akerman Senifit next. (Andy’s first attorneys)

It is a tragedy how the government must stoop to such tactics in order to prove their case against Andy and ASD.

We are now playing “offense” and will see what happens.Keep your spirits up and try to help the cause.

Best Regards,

Todd Disner

I doubt that the prosecution said any such thing; it makes no sense. I also have a problem with the continued reference to an “Affidavit”.  Perhaps they have Affidavit on the brain. What people sent into Rust were Notarized claim forms. The word Affidavit appears no where in the form; I know this because I am looking at the actual form.  But, it really doesn’t matter that much, since Andy’s attorney is supposed to be filing a motion to redo something that’s already done. The only problem anyone has with perjury is making a false statement within the form.

It is but a continuation of the same old “party line” that still thinks Andy is an innocent man, railroaded by an evil government or was it Satan? I get confused.  Where are the other 107,000 members, Todd asks?  My bet is they are marketing apparitions.  More fodder for the question, “How can 100,000 people be wrong?” My answer is very easily! I suppose that those who believe the advertising/investment argument is still an argument will continue espousing their own theories.  As the man said, a jury will decide this case, not us.  This argument has gone on for 4 years, so why stop now?

Latest from the ASD Criminal Docket

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07/22/2011 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Rosemary M. Collyer: Status Conference as to THOMAS ANDERSON BOWDOIN, JR held on 7/22/2011. Oral Motion by the defendant for a six-month continuance, heard and denied. A further Status Conference is set for 10/21/2011 at 10:45 AM in Courtroom 8 before Judge Rosemary M. Collyer. In the interest of justice, speedy trial is suspended between 7/22/2011 and 10/21/2011, or until the next Status Conference in this case. Bond Status of Defendant: Remains on Personal Recognizance. Court Reporter: Bowles Reporting Services. Defense Attorney: Charles Murray. US Attorneys: Vasu Muthyala & Michael Atkinson. (cdw) (Entered: 07/22/2011)