This is the case number filed in the District Court in DC. What’s even better is the case is assigned to Judge Rosemary Collyer, the Judge that Andy tried to get thrown off of his civil case because she was “corrupt, bribed or incompetent”.  Maybe it’s “karma” that he pulled Judge Collyer, maybe it’s payback. Either way, it will prove to be an interesting case. Andy has had a criminal lawyer on retainer for quite a while, perhaps he can now make us of him.

Of course, Andy has lined up some ‘expert’ witnesses for his criminal trial, but let us not forget that he had ‘expert’ witnesses in his civil hearing. These ‘experts’ helped to seal his fate and forfeiture of tens of millions. it’s hard to believe, but there are still some that believe that Andy is an innocent, kindly old man. But that’s exactly the persona he has used for many years to con people out of their money. He is very good at it, he has had many years to practice.

I have posted the Docket Report on our Grouply and Google Files sites.

The AFS Conference Call

Reminiscent of the old ASD calls with Andy and Erma in the Web Room, there was a conference call tonight at 9 PM EST by Sheldon Drobny and his wife/partner. It was mostly informational and they detailed the fee they charged. The retainer is 10% of what you had into ASD, with a maximum of $1000. He made a point of saying he was impartial as to Andy’s guilt or innocence. His sole concern was recovering as much of the members money as possible.

During the call Mr. Drobny stated that he and his wife were retired, and are only doing this recovery project at the request of a “large group of ASD investors”. He used the term “investor” several times, which I thought was humorous. He also said within this group of ASD members was someone who had the ASD member database, which is why we all got an email from AFS.

Mr. Drobny stated that should someone’s claim be denied, AFS would file an appeal. Should that fail, the fees would be returned. One woman caller kept asking him if he could put all of this in writing, which he kept telling her, no, he could not guarantee anything as he was at the whims of the “government”. It almost sounded like he was trying to make Rust Consulting sound like some arm of the DOJ/Secret Service, and that they would not help anyone with the claims forms or process. That is why you need him to do things for you. Sort of falls in line with the email he sent out to the ASD membership.

Too bad Bob Guenther never got his hands on the database, he was willing to pay good money for it.. LOL

One caller asked why the remission process was going forward even before the Appeals case was decided. Mr. Drobny replied that in his opinion, there is certainty the Appeal will be denied. He said he had read up on the case information and believed it’s a matter of time until the Appellate court upholds Judge Collyer’s ruling. I agree with him on this point.

Of course one caller had to mention that we were told never to call things an “investment”, they were “advertising”. Even today, it still sounded stupid. Regardless of what anyone said to call things, it was an investment. And, Andy already has 2 felony convictions for selling unregistered securities. Why not go for 3?

What’s up with the ASD Appeals case??

Inexplicably, the Appeals case is still open, even though Andy was arrested. I have no idea why they are taking their time with this, since the Appellate court decided not to entertain oral arguments as to why Andy should have a “do over” after signing away his claim to tens of millions.

I check the court’s website daily, hoping they have decided the case or at least thrown it out for lack of proof that Judge Collyer did something incorrectly, as Andy and his lawyers have claimed since day one. They went so far as to call her “corrupt”.  It would be extremely karmic if the Judge that Andy gets for his criminal trial just happens to be Judge Collyer. It would be so classic.

Things that some wish they didn’t say !

I located this on nobullstuff.com (apparently it is a misnomer, based on what follows).  Here are some “testimonials” about ASD:

“When my sponsor got me to pay attention to what this Ad Cash Generator program really could do for me and my business, I went from spending my first $100 on ad packages to earning over $300 per day, more than $10,000 per month, in way under 3 months. Best part is it is simple and the most fun I’ve ever had in business. I am through for the day in about 20 minutes or less, then I choose what I want to do the rest of my day.”

Rayda Roundy
Hurricane, Utah

“After 12 years of trying to find that perfect home-based business I finally found it with Ad Cash Generator. I bought my first ad package on November 26, 2007 and shared this program with a few other people. Within the first 30 days I was already earning over $1,000 per day! I earned more in my first 30 days with ASD than I did in the first “6 years” of working other home-based businesses. In fact, I enjoy this so much that I now help out as one of the Trainers in the Ad Cash Generator Online Webroom so that I can show people what they really have their hands on with ASD. Lives are changing folks! Thanks Andy!”

Robert Fava
West Des Moines, Iowa

“I hope my positive testimonial is not too long, but I have to tell my amazing story to anyone who wants to find out if Ad Cash Generator is a real income opportunity. I have been a full-time home business owner since 1991. The last several years my income had dropped, and I was searching for a good solid home business that would be here long term and that would require no sponsoring of others to be successful.

“I finally found exactly what I was searching for with Ad Cash Generator! In my search I wanted to find a business that if I did want to refer others, I would know they could earn income without having to sponsor other people. That is what I like the most about this fantastic dream come true opportunity! Everyone can earn from day one! Another great benefit is it only takes about 5-10 minutes per day, which can fit into the busiest of lifestyles!

“I can honestly say ASD has changed my life in a Major way! A few months ago, in late November 2007, my credit cards were almost maxed out and we were down to the last few thousand of our home equity line. The stress was putting a strain on the marriage and also on my health. Over the previous couple of years, I had lost many thousands on all the “get rich” opportunities that sounded so convincing, and I was now at the end of my rope. I had no idea how I was going to pay the bills and Christmas was right around the corner.

“Today, only a few months later… I’m earning over $30,000 per month! We are now pinching ourselves! God has answered our prayers! My wife and I are well on the way of getting completely out of debt and are now seriously looking for our dream home! We will have $55,000 of credit card debt paid off in another few months and have a plan to be in our new dream home by September, 2008!

“Another great benefit is you can go on vacation, travel, etc. and your income will grow! A few months ago we took a week vacation in Williamsburg Virginia. While on this trip, I logged into my Ad Cash Generator website from the computer room at the resort each day. It only took me 5 minutes a day, and I had earned over $500.00 per day while on vacation!

“For the first time in our lives we didn’t feel guilty eating at restaurants and actually ordered from the left side of the menu, not the right side! (The prices are on the right side!)

“My sincere thanks go out to Andy Bowdoin, the President of Ad Cash Generator and now a trusted friend and mentor! Before I joined Ad Cash Generator, I did a search Online on Andy, and it was all positive! He was Successful with everything he did. I believe in doing your due diligence when looking for a business with all the false promises out there.

“Andy is a breath of fresh air! He is a throw back to the days when you sealed the deal with a hand shake. I got to know Andy last summer as we talked on the phone several times a week. One day, I just shared my frustration with all the money I had lost over the last 18 months and told him I was in a desperate situation and needed his reassurance that Ad Cash Generator was for real. I told Andy I couldn’t afford to lose another cent and would give my all to Ad Cash Generator if this was indeed the opportunity I had been searching for all these years.

“Andy told me point blank that he was building a business to last a lifetime and in essence told me, Welcome to the family. That was all I needed to plan my career with Ad Cash Generator! I can tell you, they broke the mold with Mr. Andy Bowdoin.

“There simply aren’t that many good honest folks like Andy anymore who genuinely care for others like he does. He is make of good stock…and that’s not opinion…it’s a fact. I’m now building my Wealth Portfolio and 2008 will be my biggest most Successful year ever! God bless you Andy!

“My advice to anyone looking at Ad Cash Generator as a means of earning an online income: Please put away your skepticism one last time and enroll for FREE, purchase an ad package and just get started with this No Risk wonderful life changing business!

“I know without a doubt, you will find the same as I did…a company run with Honesty, Integrity & Business Ethics second to none.”

David and Susan Meade
Pasadena, Maryland

Kind makes me wonder if they still believe this “bullstuff”.

Remember Bruce and Todd Disner?

I was looking around today for some information regarding ASD, and ran across this picture-

This is a photo of Andy Bowdoin and Bruce Disner. If you remember, he and his brother Todd were neck deep into Ad Surf Daily. And if that wasn’t enough to cause them problems, there’s this interview quote to deal with:

Bruce Disner invested $1,000 during an ASD rally in Miami, Florida. His brother, Todd, bought $2,500 worth of ad space with the company. Disner says he began making money immediately, “our income was coming out to a 1% daily return based on the amount of AD Packs you have. $400.00 for me and $3800.00 daily for Todd.”

And, according to the report, here’s some more damning information:

Unlike many ASD members, Todd Disner says he took some of his money out of his ASD account before the Feds seized it and was able to walk away with a hefty profit of $59,000.

Talk about a quote that will come back to haunt you. I wonder how long it will be before we hear about the the Disner brothers either getting their money seized and/or being charged along with the rest of the big winners in ASD.

Erma may have even more problems

It seems Erma Seabaugh funded one of her three ASD accounts in part with a transfer from E-Bullion, a failed payment processor, according to prosecutors.  In 2008, prosecutors asserted ASD had a relationship with E-Gold, a payment processor accused in 2007 of money-laundering. Yesterday’s assertion that ASD also had a relationship with E-Bullion marked the first time that prosecutors have raised E-Bullion’s name in the ASD case.

Erma Seabaugh, known among ASD members as the “Web Room Lady,” used E-Bullion in November 2007 to transfer $10,510 to ASD, according to a forfeiture complaint filed yesterday.

It looks like Erma’s problems continue to mount, I won’t even guess what will come next in this case.

(Parts of this post are from PatrickPretty.com)

Things heat up in the ASD Case

(From the Patrick Pretty blog, used by permission)

Today, the Secret Service and federal prosecutors seized nearly $250,000 from two alleged ASD promoters and filed a new forfeiture complaint. More than $153,000 has been seized from bank accounts controlled by ASD promoter Erma Seabaugh, known as the “Web Room Lady.” Seabaugh was a purported ASD “trainer,” prosecutors said.

She was accused in the complaint of accepting checks made out to ASD, depositing them into her bank account and transferring “ad packs” to her downline by using ASD’s internal system. When the Secret Service executed the warrant to seize the money from Seabaugh, only $153,097 was found in the account, according to the complaint.

Between July 15 and July 30, 2008 — effectively the two week period leading up to the ASD seizure — Seabaugh received nine ASD checks totaling $203,993, prosecutors said.  The checks came from “third parties,” and Seabaugh transferred a corresponding number of “ad packs” to the buyers by using ASD’s internal system, prosecutors said.  “Based on these facts, it appears Ms. Seabaugh was selling her own investment ‘ad packs’ to clients and representing herself as ASD,” prosecutors said.


Meanwhile, more than $96,000 has been seized from bank accounts controlled by ASD member Robyn Lynn Stevenson, who operated a company known as Robyn Lynn LCC and worked briefly for ASD itself, prosecutors said.

At the same time, investigators seized more than $500,000 from a bank account once controlled by ASD President Andy Bowdoin and nearly $50,000 from an account controlled by Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby.  The buffer was necessary to permit checks already drawn on the account prior to the effective date of the seizure warrant to clear, prosecutors said.

All in all, the forfeiture complaint filed today targeted $794,718 in illegal ASD proceeds, prosecutors said.


Separately, Bowdoin pleaded not guilty today to criminal charges filed against him in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Prosecutors said he was at the helm of a massive Ponzi scheme that gathered at least $110 million.

For the full article, go to http://patrickpretty.com

Andy goes to Court today!!

Our favorite Defendant, Thomas Anderson (Andy) Bowdoin, Jr., is scheduled to be arraigned before United States Magistrate Judge John Facciola today at 1:45 p.m. The hearing will occur in Courtroom 6 of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia which is located at 333 Constitution Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C.

The prosecutors assigned to this case are Assistant United States Attorney Vasu Muthyala and Assistant United States Attorney Michael Atkinson. Mr. Mathyala has been part of the case all during the Forfeiture phase and is now heading the Criminal case.

I’m guessing that once he is in DC, they may not let him out on bail.. just guessing.

Another email from Rust..

Hi, folks. I received another email from Rust Consulting from someone calling themselves a “Victim Witness Assistant”. A few people have also received the same letter and asked me about it. From all appearances, it’s Rust notifying us that they will be sending put updates as the criminal case against Andy Bowdoin proceeds.

The email states:

Defendant Bowdoin is scheduled to be arraigned before United States Magistrate Judge John Facciola on December 17, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. The hearing will occur in Courtroom 6 of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia which is located at 333 Constitution Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C. The prosecutors assigned to this case are Assistant United States Attorney Vasu Muthyala and Assistant United States Attorney Michael Atkinson.
We will make our best efforts to ensure you are provided the rights described above. It is important to keep in mind that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty and that presumption requires both the Court and our office to take certain steps to ensure that justice is served. While our office cannot act as your attorney or provide you with legal advice, you can seek the advice of an attorney with respect to these rights or other related legal matters.

It will be nice if Rust does keep us informed, along with handling the remissions. Of course, I’ll be sending out info as well.

More strangeness..

Someone filed a report on RipOffReport.com saying that people should report Rust to the BBB, and that they are basically fakes. This no more than the ramblings of some ne’er-do-well who either does not understand things or is just plain ignorant.

I filed a response, hopefully people will not follow this guys advice.