Another “Opportunity” Surfaces To Replace Zeek, What The Hell Are They Thinking?

Since Zeek was closed  down back in August 2012, there has been a frenzy of “new opportunities” being presented by the top-level Zeek sponsors.  I got an email today, allegedly originating from Dave and Mary Kettner, that contained some information on a new Penny Auction that promises to be much larger than Zeek.  Today’s “program du jour” is something called, still in pre-launch.  Of course, they are offering “Founder” positions that get you a percentage of all company profits on top of all the other stuff.

This is the home page on the website:

Vicesus has been working closely with top MLM attorney Kevin Grimes, and has put together a 100% legal and compliant penny auction business.

The compensation plan consists of a weekly bonus pool, a 2×20 matrix, a unilevel, retail commissions, and even commissions when customers on your team win items.

This company has a very sound business model and is poised to be a huge success.

The cost to join is $79, which includes your first months payment, a prepaid debit mastercard, a compliance course, and more.

It is then just $10/month to be a member of Vicesus.

There is also a Founder opportunity. The cost to be a Founder is $499, which includes all of the regular member fees.

There will only be 1,000 Founders, and among other perks, these Founders will share in 2% of all company revenue.

If you are looking to get involved in a penny auction business, this is THE business to join!

Don’t hesitate, register for FREE to lock in your spot in the 2×20 matrix!

Wow, that makes me feel so much better to know that the same guy that handled Zeek Rewards compliance issues is now sanitizing yet another “matrix” program, also known as a Pyramid Scheme. He did such a good job with Zeek Rewards!  I would also question the “sound business model”, especially if they are using the same one that Zeek used as that could turn problematic sooner than later.

I am always amazed that these serial promoters recycle these programs when the parent or step-parent program is in litigation or soon will be.  I have lost track of the total number of offerings sent out to the Zeek affiliates, and I imagine they are not highly receptive to their sponsors pimping MORE programs.  But then, that is what serial promoters do.

The website is registered to:

Administrative Contact                       WhoisGuard
Administrative Contact Address1:             11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
Administrative Contact City:                 Los Angeles
Administrative Contact State/Province:       CA
Administrative Contact Postal Code:          90064
Administrative Contact Country:              United States
Administrative Contact Country Code:         US
Administrative Contact Phone Number:         +1.6613102107

Yet another red flag, the operators/owners of this scheme are hidden.  And then there is this, the Domain was registered yesterday,   Domain Registration Date: Mon Jan 28 06:07:57 GMT 2013

That’s about as new as a program can get, I would think.  I hope that all former Zeek affiliates do not flock to join this thing, considering the events of yesterday. The Fortune High Tech Marketing (FHTM) was shut down by the FTC and 3 state Attorneys General as a Pyramid scheme. FHTM had problems before but this seems the death-blow.

People really need to pay very close attention to this closure.  Ponzi, Pyramid or whatever, the arm of the law reaches very far and will soon reach even more schemes in the very near future.  The new head of the SEC, Mary Jo White, is a fierce former Federal Prosecutor; I would hate to be on her ‘bad side’.

This is not a good time to start a new matrix scheme, not at all.

27th Anniversary of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster

The space shuttle Challenger was one of NASA’s greatest triumphs. It was the second shuttle to reach space, in April 1983. It successfully completed nine milestone missions.

But Challenger was also NASA’s darkest tragedy. On its 10th launch, on Jan. 28, 1986, the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after liftoff, killing the seven crew members. The accident changed the space program forever.


Here, Challenger’s last crew – members of the STS-51L mission – stand in the White Room at Pad 39B following the end of a launch dress rehearsal (L to R) Teacher in Space Participant, Sharon “Christa” McAuliffe, Payload Specialist, Gregory Jarvis, Mission Specialist, Judy Resnik, Commander Dick Scobee. Mission Specialist, Ronald McNair, Pilot, Michael Smith and Mission Specialist, Ellison Onizuka.

Ronald Reagan said it best, “The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them — this morning, as they prepared for their journey, and waved good-bye, and ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.'”

Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner dead at 69

Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, frontman for the hit-making funk music band the Ohio Players, has died. He was 69.

The Ohio Players, known for their brassy dance music, catchy lyrics and flamboyant outfits, topped music charts in the 1970s with hits such as “Love Rollercoaster,” ”Fire,” ”Skin Tight” and “Funky Worm.”

I miss the 70’s,  mostly because I do not remember them..

“Addwallet” article on Behind MLM

In an article posted today, the Behind MLM website has reviewed “Addwallet” and believes it to be ties to WCA. It seems WCA was originally called “Wealth Creation Alliance” but changed its name to “Wealth Consumer Alliance”, according to the article ” after it was revealed a previous “Wealth Creation Alliance” had turned out to be a scam. ”  Why these serial scam promoters think a name change removes all previous issues and problems, when the scam is still the same, has always amazed me.

Here’s a link to the article:


Gilmond and King file “Response in Support of Motion to Intervene”


Date Filed # Docket Text
01/18/2013 118 RESPONSE in Support re 84 MOTION to Intervene and for an Order Dissolving the Appointment of a Temporary Receiver and Memorandum in Support Thereof by Trudy Gilmond, Kellie King. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Kellie King, # 2 Declaration of Trudy Gilmond)(Sorkin, Ira) (Entered: 01/18/2013)

The new filing starts out with this:

The Receiver’s Subpoenas & Threatening Letter

On November 3, 2012 and November 5, 2012, Kellie King and Trudy Gilmond, respectively, received a subpoena dated October 30, 2012 from Receiver Kenneth Bell.  In a cover letter to the subpoena, Mr. Bell, citing the caption for this case, advised King and Gilmond that on August 17, 2012, “the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina appointed [him] as the Receiver for and over the assets, rights, and all other interests of the estate of Rex Ventures Group, LLC . . . d/b/a and any related companies or businesses.” Id. Mr. Bell further advised King and Gilmond that he is “specifically authorized by the court to issue subpoenas for documents and testimony” in connection with his investigation, and that each of them is required to produce documents “concerning ZeekRewards/ and certain personal financial information” by November 16, 2012. Id. 1

1 Although Gilmond and King did not respond to the October 30, 2012 subpoena on counsel’s advice that it was
defective and improperly served, undersigned counsel has since accepted a narrower subpoena on behalf of Gilmond and King.

Mr. Bell’s cover letter further informed King and Gilmond that, “ZeekRewards was an unlawful Ponzi and pyramid scheme that used money from later participants to pay ‘profits’ . . . to earlier participants and/or those higher up on the pyramid.” Id. Mr. Bell’s goal, as he explained, was “to recover these unlawful ‘winnings’ from the alleged scheme for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of victims who lost money.” Id. Mr. Bell threatened Gilmond that based on the “preliminary” records reviewed, Gilmond “received $1,367,850.10 from ZeekRewards but paid in only $3,105.00” and therefore was required to return “$1,364,745.10 of the money lost by victims . . . to the Receivership estate.”

This is the problem that I have,  statements that Bell “threatened” people.  Nope, he told them what he would or could do if they chose to keep profits from the scam.  I am fairly certain that as Receiver’s themselves, Sorkin, Quilling and Alexander have done exactly the same thing in recovering receivership assets, and yet they feign displeasure.  But, they dance with the one that brought them, their clients.  It is all an exercise in loquacious litigation.

The document continues with just how much effort that Gilmond and King put into the program, the back-breaking work of placing ads and recruiting people. (The self-admitted ASD Ponzi did exactly that and their owner is in prison). The Arguments continue with these subjects:

    • The Motion to Intervene was Timely Filed Because the Receiver is Presently Using the Order Appointing Receiver to Issue Subpoenas and Threaten Clawback Suits
    • Proposed Intervenors Have an Interest in this Litigation because it is this Court’s Order Appointing Receiver which Proposed Intervenors Seek to Dissolve
    • Proposed Intervenors’ Interests would be Impaired if Not Permitted to Intervene
    • The SEC Does Not Credibly Challenge that No Party Currently Represents the Proposed Intervenors’ Interests
    • The SEC’s Argument as to Why Permissive Intervention is Not Permitted Ignores that Intervention Would Promote the Goals of Judicial Economy

As far as I can tell, the only “impairment” these women would have is the loss of money they made in an alleged Ponzi.  Not hard to imagine or understand, but rather self-centered in that they claim to be looking out for everyone, but the names on the filings are only their names; this can also be said of Fun Club, the Kettners, Sorrels and Craddock.  I have always had a problem with groups of people who ask for donations to litigate for you and protect only their stuff.  It is not the first time this ever happened nor will it be the last.  The least they could do is admit they are only out for their own protection and stop asking for donations.

If Gilmond and King’s motivation is to keep their hard-earned Zeek money, then let them spend it in legal fees.  Why should others foot their bill??

MLM Watchdog – A list of Ponzi, Pyramid, Gifting and other Scams

The most recent addition to Rod Cook’s MLM Watchdog site is a scathing offering regarding Banners Broker  and several other scams for which that former Zeek promoters are recruiting.  These include Profitable Sunrise, Wealth Creation Alliance (WCA),  and a few others that Zeek people have thrown around.  While it doesn’t mention Offer Hubb,  I would lump that into the group.  What is amusing to me is that all of these scams are being promoted by the Zeek top level sponsors trying to make up their losses.  Nice people, those sponsors!

Also listed there is a link to an article on “Finch Sells”, a blog about affiliate marketing.  (Here’s the article link) The article labels Banners Broker as a Scam and gives the reasons why, not that we needed any explanation.

I have added the MLM Watchdog site to the list of Links.

Judge Mullen grants Motion to Compel; Receiver files for Protective Order


Date Filed # Docket Text
01/17/2013 116 Consent MOTION for Protective Order by Receiver for Rex Ventures Group, LLC.Responses due by 2/4/2013 (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order)(Brenner, Irving) (Entered: 01/17/2013)
01/17/2013 117 ORDER granting 92 Motion to Compel. Signed by Senior Judge Graham Mullen on 1/17/2013. (Pro se litigant served by US Mail.)(eef) (Entered: 01/17/2013)



With the consent of the parties to this action 1, the Receiver appointed for Rex Venture Group, LLC (“RVG”) respectfully requests that the Court enter the attached proposed Protective Order.

WHEREFORE, the Receiver respectfully requests that this Court enter the proposed attached Protective Order.

1 Counsel John Bowers for the Securities and Exchange Commission and Jacob Sussman for Paul Burks have reviewed the proposed Protective Order and have consented to the entry of the Order by this Court.

The attachment to the filing begins with this:


Pursuant to Rule 26(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, upon the request of the Receiver appointed in this action to facilitate the performance of his duties, the Court, with the consent of the other parties to this action, hereby orders that the following procedures are to be employed to protect against disclosure or any improper use of confidential information produced to the Receiver in this action or any subsequent or related action involving the Receiver:

It follows with definitions and other descriptive information of what the Protective Order will cover with respect to Confidential information. Exhibit A in the attachment is an “Agreement to Be Bound by Protective Order” and has pages of information from the SEC on “Supplemental Information for Persons Requested to Supply Information Voluntarily or Directed to Supply Information Pursuant to a Commission Subpoena”.

Part of the Motion to Compel is below:

Motion to Compel


I have uploaded these  filings onto the Files website.

The newest update from Robert Craddock

This was posted earlier in the week, and I decided to post it here:

Greetings everyone, as we move forward to a new and exciting year please take a moment to list all accounts you had with Zeek Rewards, by signing up the additional accounts under Zteambiz using that different username and different email attached to that account.

If you had a different sponsor associated with that username that will be important for you to also list it. If you have not please get with you up line leaders as they are working on some exciting new opportunities for you.

For filings we know the deadline have come and gone for Kenneth Bell, I have not received any news of his responses as of today so when I do I will keep you posted.


Once again, we have a reference to exciting “new opportunities and it may be that the request for signing up your multiple Zeek accounts on Zteambiz may have underlying recruiting in mind for new schemes. This is nothing new in the scheme of things, I suppose; serial promoters are like that, always recruiting for some program.

Kenneth Leaming’s Attorney files Motion to Withdrawl

Filed earlier this week in the Federal Retaliation case against Leaming, we have a “Motion to Withdraw and Appoint Standby Counsel”:

Mr. Leaming, through his attorney, moves the Court to allow Mr. Brennan to withdraw as counsel for Mr. Leaming, have the Court conduct a Faretta hearing, and allow Mr. Leaming to represent himself in all further proceedings in this case. Mr. Leaming further requests that standby counsel be appointed and would like Mr. Brennan to serve in this capacity.

Mr. Brennan discussed this matter with AUSA Lombardy on 1/11/13 and Mr. Lombardy advised that he does not object to our immediately noting the motion, so as to expedite the matter.

Leaming, a self-described “Private Attorney General”, has decided to represent himself.  What’s that old expression about representing yourself?  A constant source of entertainment, I always look forward to his filings in any of the many legal problems he has himself into now.

Kenneth Wayne Leaming files another Notice in Federal Retaliation case

Some of you might remember “Keny Wayne” Leaming, a figure in the ASD/Ad Cash Generator case and most notable a self-proclaimed “Private Attorney General” for himself and serving in that capacity for now infamous ‘Arby’s Indians’. That name is derived from the frequency in which their fictitious Native American group held “tribal meetings” at the local Arby’s restaurant.  Following the end of the ASD case, Leaming thought it a good idea to file “liens” against the Judge, the US Attorney, the Attorney General and anyone else by whom he believed had aggrieved him.  Doing so is why he is in a prison cell as we speak, charged with 6 Federal Felonies.

The most recent “Mandatory Judicial Notice” filed in handwritten documents by Leaming furthers his belief that the Judge and Magistrate overseeing his case have executed an “Oath of Office Contract” (a contract that includes Leaming) and should they “fail to exercise the jurisdiction to correct court records”, they would be guilty of “Treason, Insurrection, Rebellion or Sedition”.  Yes, that’s what he says in this filing.

The remedies he lists are as follows:

  • Petitioner requests a Declaratory Determination whether such laws as enacted by Congress and Supreme Court decisions are binding, or did Congress and Supreme Court commit Fraud in publishing Acts or Decisions?
  • Unless Congress and the Supreme Court did commit Fraud, the Petitioner requests and demands the above captioned Court issues its Writ forthwith or forfeit the Surety(s) securing the Oath of Office Contracts of the Court’s judicial officers
  • Petitioner, in good faith reliance on the Acts of Congress, inclusive of those appearing , Prima Facie, in the US Code, inclusive of 18 USC 4, requests and demands the court refer the records of the above captioned action and the underlying action, 05-5143, to the appropriate authority to investigate the crimes evidenced therein, inclusive of Treason, Sedition, Insurrection, Rebellion, Deprivation of Rights under color of law and Conspiracy against Rights.

The footnote detailing the “appropriate authority” to the above is:

I know what you are thinking.  Why would he post something this bizarre and untenable ?

The reason is that people with these beliefs and motivations are pervasive in the majority of scams and schemes, as they are above any laws and claim the right to do as they please regardless of whom it harms.  These people were in ASD and I am fairly certain they are also in Zeek Rewards and other scams on the internet.  The specious beliefs they put forth are tantamount to domestic terrorism and the fictitious filings have been called “paper terrorism”.

It is not just the scams and scammers that are harming the country, it’s these guys doing even more damage and advancing the theory of any problem in their existence to be a government conspiracy, something also advanced in the latest Craddock call. It boggles the mind that in the greatest country in the world, our own people are working against us just to line their pockets with the money of others. They will rationalize it as best they can and claim they have a right to do business, even  if that same business is illegal and they know it.

I do not fear the government 1/100th as much I fear what these people are doing to this country.