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Reminiscent of the old ASD calls with Andy and Erma in the Web Room, there was a conference call tonight at 9 PM EST by Sheldon Drobny and his wife/partner. It was mostly informational and they detailed the fee they charged. The retainer is 10% of what you had into ASD, with a maximum of $1000. He made a point of saying he was impartial as to Andy’s guilt or innocence. His sole concern was recovering as much of the members money as possible.

During the call Mr. Drobny stated that he and his wife were retired, and are only doing this recovery project at the request of a “large group of ASD investors”. He used the term “investor” several times, which I thought was humorous. He also said within this group of ASD members was someone who had the ASD member database, which is why we all got an email from AFS.

Mr. Drobny stated that should someone’s claim be denied, AFS would file an appeal. Should that fail, the fees would be returned. One woman caller kept asking him if he could put all of this in writing, which he kept telling her, no, he could not guarantee anything as he was at the whims of the “government”. It almost sounded like he was trying to make Rust Consulting sound like some arm of the DOJ/Secret Service, and that they would not help anyone with the claims forms or process. That is why you need him to do things for you. Sort of falls in line with the email he sent out to the ASD membership.

Too bad Bob Guenther never got his hands on the database, he was willing to pay good money for it.. LOL

One caller asked why the remission process was going forward even before the Appeals case was decided. Mr. Drobny replied that in his opinion, there is certainty the Appeal will be denied. He said he had read up on the case information and believed it’s a matter of time until the Appellate court upholds Judge Collyer’s ruling. I agree with him on this point.

Of course one caller had to mention that we were told never to call things an “investment”, they were “advertising”. Even today, it still sounded stupid. Regardless of what anyone said to call things, it was an investment. And, Andy already has 2 felony convictions for selling unregistered securities. Why not go for 3?

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  1. FYI – I’ve exchanged emails with Rust Consulting with my concern for Anshell. Anshell’s email came across to me as someone seeing an opportunity to dig deeper into victims pockets. If I remember correctly the Anshell email even mentioned being affiliated or having some connection with Rust. Rust Consulting has no ties with Anshell. Rust Consulting is the only group that has been appointed by the government to handle this remissions process. The gal I exchanged emails with knew nothing about Anshell or why they would be sending out emails offering their services.

    I’m not saying Anshell is bogus but this whole ASD debacle has been a scam from day 1 and I’m very leery of anyone wanting more money for anything related to ASD. Just throwing this out there so folks are aware of my findings. Use your judgment and do your research before sending any money to anyone. The Rust Consulting Remission process is at no charge.

  2. Mark,

    Apparently, Drobny has also been talking to Rust. He’s acting as a “representative” for claimants, and says his vast experience will make the claims process easier. I’m guessing that he came out of retirement to do this primarily because he knew someone in this “large group of investors” and saw dollar signs. Drobny does have experience in claims and such, so that part seems valid.

  3. Please, nobody attend this conference. This is the best way that I know to tell AFS to back off.
    It is really interesting when AFS claims that they can help you fill-out your claim form when the first thing they ask for, is the same information that we provide on the RUST Remissions Form. I would really like to know who passed the database to AFS, if this is really true. The database contains private ASD member information. Now AFS wants to sell our own private information back to us. Gotta wonder who else might want to buy a little private information from AFS? Talk about a potential lawsuit….

    If anybody wants help in filling out the remissions form then ask Rust. If you like, I will share what I did on my form with anybody that asks, for free; however with the understanding that I filled out the form based on my understanding of the instructions. I filled out three of them. Mine, my wife’s and my daughter’s. Each of us had to have our forms notorized, obviously.

  4. I’ll take my chances with Rust……I’ve had opportunities to take shortcuts before and got burned and instead of having to deal with 2 middle men I’ll deal with one……

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