What’s up with the ASD Appeals case??

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Inexplicably, the Appeals case is still open, even though Andy was arrested. I have no idea why they are taking their time with this, since the Appellate court decided not to entertain oral arguments as to why Andy should have a “do over” after signing away his claim to tens of millions.

I check the court’s website daily, hoping they have decided the case or at least thrown it out for lack of proof that Judge Collyer did something incorrectly, as Andy and his lawyers have claimed since day one. They went so far as to call her “corrupt”.  It would be extremely karmic if the Judge that Andy gets for his criminal trial just happens to be Judge Collyer. It would be so classic.

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  1. With regards to the Appeals. I could be wrong, but I read the judge a little differently. It is my understanding that the judges refused to entertain the oral arguments because Andy’s attorneys had presented nothing new in the final briefs that were presented; hence, there was no reason to listen to the oral arguments. The judges have the right to refuse to hear the appeal if they can justify their decision. This is just my take on the situation.

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