Zeek Rewards: Announcement from Receiver



More than 41,000 claimants have a claim recognized by the ZeekRewards Receivership, but have failed to electronically submit an OFAC certification and release. The ZeekRewards Receivership cannot pay a claimant with a recognized claim unless the claimant submits an OFAC certification and release. Failure to submit an OFAC certification and release may result in these claims being forfeited.

The Receiver anticipates filing a motion to obtain confirmation from the Court that, subject to certain limited exceptions, any claimant that has not electronically submitted its OFAC certification and release by December 31, 2016 will be deemed to forfeit his/her claim in the ZeekRewards Receivership. Once approved by the Court, the funds held in reserve for the forfeited claims will be released from the reserve for payments to claimants with allowed claims in this case.

The Receiver has and will continue to contact all claimants that hold one of these more than 41,000 claims regarding the forfeiture of their claim.

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