Zeek Rewards Updates

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zeekrewardsHere are the latest activities in the Zeek Rewards federal lawsuits:

12-cv-519 (SEC Case)  On February 1st, Kenneth Bell filed is Status Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2015.  I have uploaded it onto the Files Website, click here for that document.

12-cv-519 (SEC Case) Kenneth Bell continues to go after Zeek receivership assets by getting an Order directing Sooper Credit Union to turn over the sum of $2,200.00 that represents proceeds of Cashier’s Checks within 30 days.

14-cv-91 (Bell v Disner) The attorney representing the “Defendant Class of Net Winners”, Kevin Edmundson,  has filed his first application for reimbursement of professional fees and expenses, which are: (a) Berkeley Research Group $ 70,775.78, (b) Edmundson PLLC $ 2,800.00, and (c) Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP $ 6,976.70

14-cv-91 (Bell v Disner)  William R. Terpening and Jefferson A. Moors filed a Motion to allow
them to withdraw as counsel for any and all parties in this case, including Rhonda Gates;
Innovation Marketing LLC; Aaron Andrews; Shara Andrews, who are part of the Defendant Class.




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