Zeek Receiver Announcement for August 5th


On July 31, 2015 we mailed 112,374 distribution checks to eligible claimants in the total amount of $89,200,834.29. Including that distribution, we have made distributions totaling $246,048,079.29.

Distribution checks have not been mailed to 9,394 claimants because the amount of each distribution check would have been less than $100. Due to cost efficiencies, the Court orders provide that distribution checks below $100 will not be mailed until the end of the receivership and payment of final distributions. We have created a reserve to insure those claimants will be paid at the same rising tide distribution percentage as all other claimants. If a claimant’s distribution amount reaches an amount in excess of $100.00 before the final distribution, the claimant will be paid.

Unfortunately, approximately 35,400 claimants were not mailed a distribution check on July 31 because they still have not electronically signed the release and OFAC certification required by Court orders. Had these claimants done so we would have mailed an additional $46,237,165.62 in distributions. We have posted an instructional video on this site showing how these forms can be electronically signed. You may review that video by following this link: http://www.zeekrewardsreceivership.com/OFACandRelease. Those who do so before October 20, 2015 will be mailed their interim partial distribution representing 60% of their allowed claim (calculated using the rising tide method) on October 31, 2015.

Efforts to recover additional funds for the benefit of claimants continue. I fully expect that we will recover tens of millions of additional dollars that we can then distribute to claimants. It is not possible to project with any certainty, but I believe that total recovery by eligible claimants will exceed 70% by the closing of the receivership case.

I greatly appreciate your continued support and patience as we work on your behalf.

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