TelexFree: Sann Rodrigues Released on $200,000 Bond

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sann-rodrigues-top-telexfree-investorAs of June 26th, Sannderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos is released from custody on the following

  1. Must not violate federal, state or local laws while released
  2. Must cooperate in DNA sample if collection authorized by 42 USC 1413a
  3. Must advise Court in writing if address of phone number changes
  4. Promises to appear in court as required and surrender for any sentencing imposed
  5. Executed a $200,000 secured bond binding the defendant for failure to appear or surrender for imposed sentence
  6. Must report to PTS (pretrial services) as directed
  7. Must surrender passport
  8. Obtain no passport
  9. Travel restricted to MA and FL, maintain residence and do not move without prior approval.        report any contact with LEO with 24 hours
  10. Participate in mental health test/treatment as directed by PTS
  11. Home incarceration – 24 hour lock down except for medical or court appearances
  12. Location monitoring as required by PTS
  13. Must comply with 14-cv-11858 Civil Injunction; If court finds any assets moved, court will           deem this as evidence of preparing to flee and violate this order of release.

The next document lists the Penalties and Sanctions for violating conditions of release:


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