Robert Craddock Enters Guilty Plea Today, Sentencing to Follow

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The Change of Plea Hearing scheduled today when off as expected, with Robert Craddock officially entering a plea of Guilty and signed the Consent form changing the plea. In addition to the Plea change, Craddock also consented to a Pre-sentence Investigation by probation officers and that this investigation report will be disclosed to the Judge and US Attorney, as well as Craddock and his federal public defender.

There was also a “Report and Recommendation Concerning Plea of Guilty” filed by Magistrate Judge David A. Baker, detailing that Craddock was cautioned and examined under oath, that the Judge determined that the guilty plea was knowledgeable and voluntary and that the charging offenses are supported by independent basis in fact. Magistrate Judge Baker further recommended that the plea agreement and plea of guilty be accepted, and that the defendant be adjudged guilty and sentence imposed accordingly. Craddock will remain on conditions of release pending sentencing.

At the bottom of this R&R, there is a Notice that failure to file a written objection to this Report and Recommendation “within fourteen (14) days from date of service will bar any aggrieved party from attacking such Report and recommendation before the assigned United States District Judge.”

And, filed the same day as this Report and Recommendation is a “Notice of No Objections to Report and Recommendation” by the Assistant US Attorney. Nothing yet from Craddock or his public defender.

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