Zeek Rewards: Receiver Files Legal Malpractice Suits Against Kevin Grimes and Howard Kaplan!!!

BREAKING NEWS:  Today’s docket comes as a big surprise! Two new lawsuits are added as related cases to the Zeek Rewards lawsuit, 12-cv-519.  They are 14-cv-351 and 14-cv-352, Malpractice suits against 2 Zeek Rewards legal counsels.  Here is what Kenneth Bell filed, and got an order the same day to proceed.



On August 17, 2012, this Court entered an Agreed Order appointing Kenneth D. Bell as a Receiver to investigate, pursue and recover all potential claims and other assets of the Rex Venture Group, LLC (“RVG”) receivership estate. Pursuant to paragraph 43 of that Agreed Order, the Receiver requests leave of this Court to institute actions for the benefit and on behalf of the Receivership Estate against certain individuals and entities that failed to provide competent legal counsel to RVG and otherwise assisted in promoting and perpetrating the ZeekRewards Ponzi and pyramid scheme.

Since his appointment, the Receiver has thoroughly investigated RVG and the ZeekRewards scheme. After careful analysis of RVG’s written and electronic records, extensive document review and numerous interviews with relevant witnesses, the Receiver has concluded that two attorneys hired by RVG (and their related entities) caused significant damages to RVG by their negligent and other wrongful conduct. The Receiver proposes to file separate actions against the two attorneys.

In accordance with the Agreed Order, the Receiver has provided prior notice to Counsel for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thus, the Receiver respectfully requests leave to institute the actions described above in this Court. 1

1 If requested, a copy of the two Complaints that the Receiver intends to file to begin the actions will be made available to the Court for its in camera review.

Judge Mullen responded with this:

THIS MATTER is before the Court on the Receiver’s Request for Leave to Institute Actions against two attorneys hired by RVG. The Receiver alleges that these proposed defendants caused significant damages to RVG because of negligent and other wrongful conduct. For good cause, the Court will grant the Receiver’s request.

IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that the Receiver is hereby GRANTED leave to file the two referenced actions.

I have added both of these new cases onto the Files website, as new Zeek civil cases.


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