More SEC filings, more to come……

UPDATE: As of December 7 at 11AM EST there are 66 filings, including a filing in Guam and the US Virgin Islands.

Here’s an update of SEC cases filed in which they are notifying the Federal Districts of the Receiver’s authority to garner assets in that jurisdiction.


  • Hoss

    It looks like Bell is noticing in ALL 50 States and US Possessions. About two weeks ago he filed the “Reappointment of Temporary Receiver” Motion which briefed the Court on why he needed to take these steps.

    He may be negotiating for peace but he is also preparing for war.

  • Hoss

    There are 94 federal judicial districts, including at least one district in each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Three territories of the United States — the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands — have district courts that hear federal cases, including bankruptcy cases.

    ….and then there are the drones.

    • Don


      Yeah, I thought it was around 94 or so. And, I mentioned to Patrick that it might include the Marianas. I wonder if Craddock will mention this on the call Monday, or if he will even have a call on Monday, since “people are listening”. If he wasn’t spreading fertilizer, what he says would not matter, regardless of who might hear it.

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