New “Update” from Robert Craddock regarding Kenneth Bell???

Posted by Don on November 3, 20125 Comments

I didn’t think Craddock could stay quiet after the announcement of Subpoenas being sent out. I hear that some have already been received by Affiliates, with many more to come. Before you disregard a Subpoena, you might want to consult someone for legal advice and what can happen if you ignore a Federally issued Subpoena.


November 3, 2012

Greetings good people; I would like to comment on the latest events concerning Kenneth Bell.

Let me first give this disclaimer I’m not an attorney, and I cannot give legal advice but I would like to point out some obvious, areas you may be overlooking.

First, for everyone that has received a civil request for information from Kenneth Bell, do not panic. Kenneth Bell is fishing for information and is using, in my opinion, scare tactics to shake you good people up in turning over money you have earned from your efforts in building the penny auction known as for Rex Venture Group.

Next, I have been instructed by the attorneys fighting for us to inform you that any request you have received to voluntarily turn over any monies earned is just that a request. You are not bound to turn over any money.  Why, you may ask and that is simple there has not been any judge ordering you to do so and the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

The attorneys have all looked at this and have concluded two things; first, they do not see a victim, as alleged by the affidavits filed by the court. Second, they do not see a security as alleged by the affidavits filed.

What does this mean? Simply we would not have gone through the prior events if it was not for Paul Burks believing he had to voluntarily turn over control of his company to the North Carolina DOJ on August 16, 2012 and leading up to the rushed filing by the SEC assuming that Paul Burks was admitting guilt.

I’m now confident, as are the attorneys, with motions being filed in the court on our behalf will bring into question the accuracy of the statements, affidavits and testimony’s given to the court to secure the order Kenneth Bell is operating under and interruption of the order Kenneth Bell adopted.

We are putting together examples of how to respond to requests by Kenneth Bell. You can follow if you wish. The information will be coming directly from the Attorneys representing this effort to bring all the facts into the court on how Rex Venture operated. In addition, how we all earned money and how Zeek Rewards was not a Ponzi scheme, as alleged by people that simply, do not understand the Zeek Rewards business model.

We are doing a series of conference calls on Saturday, Sunday and Monday; get with your leaders to listen in on a call for your group. We will be in contact with the leaders and they will communicate with you.

In closing I would like to say that this is the turning point where we start to have our combined voices heard and take back our future. I personally would like to thank all you for your continued patience.


So far, Craddock has told us of many eminent filings for a several months, when none have been filed.  And now, be blames everything on Paul Burks for giving up too quickly and consenting to the disgorgement of Zeek/Zeekler.  If Craddock had bothered to read the documents, Burks neither admitted to nor denied the allegations made by the SEC.  Let’s try sticking to facts and stop making things up as you go.

Good luck in overturning the Judge’s Order.  May I also point out the conference calls are what sank ASD and Andy Bowdoin. Some people never learn, and repeat what has already happened, just like these guys are repeating almost every part of the ASD case and repeating the same phrases and ill-formed opinions about the “business model”.

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  1. Hoss says:

    Seems like the strategy is to contest the clawbacks person by person. That will certainly jam up the liquidation of the estate. In other words the intention may be to put all the SEC issues in dispute by contesting the clawback lawsuits. Its messy and I can not see how it can really work but it puts them in a stronger position to negotiate a reduction of clawback.

    • Don says:

      If you call that a strategy. I am wondering if Craddock’s lawyers actually laid out their plans with him, and why on Earth he would broadcast it. Not very smart. M=Now Kenneth Bell knows what to expect and can counteract it. What I don’t get it Craddock telling people the Subpoenas are just a suggestion. Yeah, they do not have to volunteer giving back the money but they had damned well better answer the Subpoenas and provide the required information. I doubt they want a Contempt of Court charge. Especially since Fun Club’s lawyers do not represent them….

  2. Hoss says:

    There is a certain fluidity to the subpoena process. People avoid them all the time. Its a national joke and disgrace.

  3. Hoss says:

    I do not believe Craddock ever said or implied that a subpoena was just a “suggestion.”

  4. Don says:

    semantics… 🙂

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