ASD 2nd Remission Information, a few months from now

As most of you know, Judge Rosemary Collyer (my all time favorite District Judge) has Ordered a second round of Remissions in the ASD/Ad Cash Generator civil forfeiture case. I spoke to AUSA Toni Donato about the 2nd remissions process and all she needs now from those who want to be considered is:

  • Full name
  • Accurate, complete address
  • Amount of money you had in ASD
  • DO NOT SEND ANY DOCUMENTS at this time; you have to wait until claim forms come out and send documents with claim forms

To be considered for remissions you must contact Ms. Donato.  Her contact information is

  • Direct line    202-252-7711
  • Email  

You can also find information on remissions claim forms (in a month or so) on the US Attorney, DC  website for ASD

You will need to check the page around the end of November to Mid December. No claim forms will be going out for a few months, while they organize calms information and verify some information.

You have to provide the USDOJ with the above information to be considered.

As I get more information, I will post it here on the Blog.


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