Did Zeek Team Biz just lose SNR Denton?

It seems they cannot remember the lies they have already told, so they make up something different. One time, only the 12 insiders can contact SNR Denton, then it was anyone can who donates and now it seems that SNR Denton has bowed out of representing the top 12 Zeek people. Regardless, these 12 people have no standing to sue the SEC. Even Paul Burks cannot do anything about the seizure as he has consented to the judgement. All these Zeek Team parasites are doing is gathering money for a cause they cannot litigate and tossing out bold faced lies to do it.

Yesterday’s “update” has this to say:

Update as of September 5, 2012

As Zeek Rewards always used to say, “Greetings Fine People”. This has been a busy past few days, so let me address the concerns and anxieties. As we have moved forward to question the SEC actions and filings to obtain an emergency order in freezing Rex Venture Group assets and ours by freezing each person associated with Rex Venture Groups e-wallet, we have to all understand the magnitude of having each person resented in this first phase, would be overwhelming and would take months to get everything filed. What was agreed upon is if we can take a small group limits the scope of our goals to just challenging the SEC application, and if we prevail we win for everyone, because having that ruling reversed, will impact everyone one of us. Simply your e-wallet will be un-frozen and you will have access to any funds you had in it at the time of closure.

What else would that do, and again we can use that win as a basis to open discussions with the NC DOJ on the concerns over how Paul was forced into turning over Rex Venture Group on the 16th of August 2012.

We have a team of legal professionals that will be leading the charge to file the needed motion and please understand the contacting of SNR Denton has caused huge issues and slowed up the process. I can tell you there is a different legal team leading the charge in the next 10 days to get this in front of the court, and we are greatly encouraged as to the potential outcome. (emphasis added)

I am taking “different legal team” to mean SNR Denton has decided not to handle this case. I don’t blame them.

To let everyone know where we are at we have had right at 6,000 people donate money to help with the legal costs, about 175 people have filed what is called a charge back that has taken away from the money we have to pay the attorneys and about 4,000 people have sent in their information to be part of the group going forward but at this time they are unable to assist with any legal expenses. It is important that if someone wants to be up to date on the latest happenings and be part of this group as we move forward they need to just simply go to the login page at www.zteambiz.net and click on the link to sign up, they will not be asked to pay anything, but if they wish to later there is a donate button in the backend area of the site that will be created for them.

So, not even former Zeek people are believing in this farce and are taking back their donations?

We are expecting more positive news in the coming days and we will use this area to keep you informed and up to speed on the latest. Thanks again for your help and support.



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